Must Have Accessories for Vaping and Smoking Dry Herb

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This guide lays out some awesome dry herb vapes and use accessories to go with them.

If you’re going to be vaping weed, these are some of the best accessories to pair with your vape.

To enhance your vaping experience, you’ll need some useful accessories like keeping a good grinder handy, protective cases, and a cleaning kit to keep your vape fresh and working flawlessly.

This list of essential weed vaping accessories will continue to be updated as we come across awesome new products.

In this article, we’ll cover the following:

Best Dry Herb Vape Brands & Warranty Coverage

To start off, let’s take a look at some of the of the best known vape brands, trusted for their high standards in quality and performance as well as reliability and innovation.

And so you can rest assured that you’re covered, all of these vapes are backed by limited warranties.

AirVape Legacy PRO Best seller

The AirVape Legacy PRO is a hybrid or combo vaporizer that vapes both flower and wax concentrates. This 2022 …
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Vapman Classic Vape

The Vapman is an exquisite, Italian handmade and Swiss-designed dry herb vaporizer. This is one of the most …
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DaVinci MIQRO Vape

The DaVinci MIQRO is the little brother of the IQ vaporizer. With its adjustable, compact oven and precise temperature …
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Furna Vape

The Furna vape is a hybrid vaporizer that’s designed to vape both your cannabis flower and extracts, all in one …
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AirVape Legacy

The AirVape Legacy is a stunningly attractive, hybrid vaporizer with advanced features. Using convection heating, …
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DynaVap M

The DynaVap M is a battery-less vape for dry herb and loose leaf flower vaping. Complete with a convenient wooden …
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DaVinci IQ Dry Herb Vaporizer

For the traditional cannabis lover, it’s often hard to find a vaporizer that matches the satisfaction found with …
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PAX 3 Combo Vape

The PAX 3 is the latest flagship vaporizer from PAX Labs. With this 3rd generation, the PAX vaporizer has been …
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DaVinci IQ2 Carbon Fiber Best seller

The DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer is one of DaVinci’s flagship products and has long been considered one of the industry’s …
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G Pen Hyer

The G Pen Hyer is a portable e-nail that allows you to take precisely controlled dabs out of any bong, water pipe or …
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G Pen Elite II

The G Pen Elite II is the latest vape from the G Pen team. This 2nd generation Elite vaporizer is quite an improvement …
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AUXO Calent Vape

AUXO is a new vaporizer brand that just emerged in the cannabis vaping space in 2021. They launched their brand …
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Grinders to shred your nugs

Whether you’re vaping with conduction or convection style of heating, you’ll want your nugs shredded to the proper grind.

A good grind for vaporizers strikes a nice balance between being a fine grind, but not too coarse.

ryot kannastor gr8tr grinder
Kannastor grinders have interchangeable plates to adjust your grind

A finer, less coarse grind increases the surface area of your weed and allows for more even heating. This is especially noticeable for convection vapes where hot air must pass through a packed bowl. If your grind is too coarse, heat will not penetrate through your weed evenly, creating undesirable hot spots.

Kannastor GR8TR Grinder Editor choice

Whether you’re smoking some dank, sticky buds or vaping flowers, you’ll benefit big time from having a good grinder. …
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Herb Ripper Grinder

Herb Ripper offers heavy-duty, all-steel grinders for shredding your flower. The Ripper Grinder is Herb Rippers …
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Cloudious9 Tectonic grinder

The Tectonic9 grinder from Cloudious9 is an auto-dispensing grinder with a couple nifty features. This grinder not …
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Keep Your Weed Fresh

Preserve your dank nugs, keep them out of site and off the radar with a weed container like the Stash Jar.

Canlock Stash Jar

What is a Canlock Stash Jar? Canlock stash jars keep your herbs fresh, reducing quality degradation. Each …
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Ryot Lock-R Box

Hand-made lock box with rolling trays, glass storage jars and easy scoop tray.
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Handmade wood storage RYOT lockbox for all your weed accessories

Pack and Protect

Ryot has a large selection of soft and hardshell cases to protect your vape. Their cases are made of high quality and are designed to be smell-proof, effectively cutting down on cannabis odors.

Hardshell case from RYOT to protect your dry herb vape

Ryot Protective Cases

Vaping on the go? Pack and carry your vaporizer and smoking accessories with a RYOT protective case. RYOT offers …
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Other Useful Cannabis Accessories

Scoop and tamping

Tools for scooping weed and packing bowls comes in so handy.

Pack neat bowls with less pinching, spilling, and sticky fingers. This simple tool is so incredibly useful. Flip it over to the flat tamping end to pack down your bowl for denser vapors.

Scoop and Tamp Tool Editor Choice

Convenient double-sided tool for scooping ground up dry herb and packing it down. Handy smoking and vaping accessory for loading up a bowl.
Available at

Ashtrays and accessory storage

Whether you’re smoking a joint or dumping out a cooked bowl out of your dry herb vape, you’ll probably need an ashtray.

Vessel Brand makes some very sleek and modern ashtrays. The stylish solid brass Ember ashtray pairs perfectly with Vessel’s one-hitter pipes and looks dope as a standalone accessory.

vessel helix with ember brass ashtray
Vessel Ember ashtray

The Vessel ASH ashtray is another dope cannabis accessory that also has built-in storage for multiple all your accessories like pipes, lighters, and weed storage.

The ASH looks slick with its polished concrete tray fitted with a real wood-grain lid and storage compartment base.

vessel ash ashtray and storage
Vessel ASH cannabis ashtray

Wireless Backup Battery

AirVape battery wireless charging the Legacy dry herb vape

On-the-go? Never run on E again!

Keep a backup battery on hand that can recharge your vape and wireless charging-enabled devices. While not the fastest method of charging, wireless charging is convenient and we’re starting to see modern vapes incorporating wireless charging technology.

Wiresless Backup Battery

Wirelessly re-charge your battery-powered vaporizer or even your mobile device.
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Cleaning and Maintenance

No one likes dirty glass or a junked up vape!

Keep your vape running as good as new with a cleaning kit that has everything you need.

All the alcohol, pipe cleaners, and rags you could ever need, all-in-one convenient cleaning kit. The Higher Standards Cleaning Kit has everything you need.

Premium Cleaning Kit

The Supreme Clean Kit from Higher Standards includes everything you need to keep your glass rigs, vaporizers, and …
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Dr. Dabber makes some nifty q-tip cotton swabs ISO-Snaps that conveniently snap to dispense alcohol. Never be too lazy again to keep your quartz bangers clean for all you dabbers out there.

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