Vaping 101
What is the Ideal Temperature for Vaping Weed?

When it comes to vaping dry herb and dabbing, you might be wondering, what is the optimal vape temperature? To put it plain and simple, it really comes down to personal preference and the limitations of your vaporizer device. Your vaping temperature will change your cannabis experience by ...

Cannabis Vaping Mistakes that All Beginners Make

Vaping seems like a beginner-friendly way to use cannabis. But, if you're new to vaping, there are some things you should be aware to ensure you're vaping safely and getting the best vape experience possible. Unlike smoking out of a pipe or a joint, vaping weed can be cleaner and smoother. When ...

Performance Enhancing Benefits of Vaping Cannabis

Masses are consuming cannabis to enhance their day to day performance. But is it actually beneficial? The opinions are somewhat contrasting. While many people may relate the idea of cannabis to just getting stoned, they're missing out on a whole set of upsides to using cannabis. A lot of ...

Vaping Cannabis 101

Smoking your cannabis is entirely different from vaping it. There are so many more options for vaping cannabis versus smoking it. From vaping methods to cannabis extracts and endless vape tech, there's lots to familiarize yourself with. So let's dive in! Vaping is an excellent way ...

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