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Our vaporizer reviews and comparisons will help you discover the best vaporizers on the market. 


In our in-depth reviews, we go beyond specs to give you every detail about each model — including a breakdown of battery life, screen and controls, heat-up times, vapor quality, and general performance to help you make an informed choice.


With our side-by-side comparisons, you can easily evaluate specs and features to narrow down your decision and find the best vape to meet your needs.


We’ve spent countless hours testing and comparing the best vaporizers across the market from the industry’s leading brands like DaVinci, PAX, AirVape, and Dr. Dabber, and many others.


Over time, we’ll continue adding more comparison reviews on other vapes like electronic dab rigs, wax pens, and water pipe adapters, and more.

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AirVape Legacy PRO (2022) vs. AirVape Legacy (Original)

AirVape Legacy PRO (2022) vs. AirVape Legacy (Original)

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PAX vs PAX Era Vape

PAX vs PAX Era Vape

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