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How to Vape with Your Bong for the Best Hits Possible

Yes, vape pens are nice. And so is dabbing and taking a fat bong rip. We can all agree that sometimes though, hitting a vape pen is just not satisfying enough. But, have you tried vaping through a bong? Many vaporizers can be easily adapted to connect to your favorite bong, dab rig, or ...

Best Pocket Vapes for Under $100

We've compiled a list of the top pocket-size vaporizers for under $100 bucks. These vaporizers make a great vape starter kit for cannabis oils and dry herb. A cheap vaporizer is great for cannabis beginners. An affordable wax vaporizer is where you want to start before upgrading to a ...

Top 5 Cannabis Vaporizer Manufacturers in 2020

Over the last few years, the competition in the vape market has become fierce. Many new brands have emerged, trying to outshine each other as the best vape on the marketing. As a result, the industry is becoming crowded, and choosing the right brand or type of vaporizer has never been more ...

Holiday Gift Ideas for Cannabis Lovers

With the major holiday shopping season behind us, there's still time to grab some gifts before ringing in the new year. We’ve put together this 2017 holiday gift guide which lists some of the top vapes and accessories for that special green-friendly someone in your life! Dry Herb Vaporizers ...

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