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PAX 3 vs PAX 2 Comparison

Comparison Overview Head-to-head Specs Comparison Shop Vapes & Deals Additional Photos

AirVape Legacy PRO (2022) vs AirVape Legacy (Original)

Features Comparison Head-to-head Specs Comparison Check Price & Shop Discounts Additional ...

Dr. Dabber SWITCH​ vs AirVape Legacy

Features Comparison Head-to-head Specs Comparison Check Price & Shop Discounts Additional ...

Dr. Dabber SWITCH vs Boost EVO

Features Comparison Head-to-head Specs Comparison Shop Vapes & Deals Additional Photos Dr. Dabber ...

PAX vs PAX Era Vape

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Maxcore PodPal Pod Vaporizer

The Maxcore PodPal is a pod vaporizer that's perfect for filling with your own CBD e-liquids and cannabis oil. Comparable to the size of my thumb, this is ...

STIIIZY Disposable Vape Pen

STIIIZY is a hot brand in Los Angeles and throughout California. They offer a full line of cannabis products including premium flower with amazing strains ...

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CanLock Vacuum Sealed Stash Jars

What is a Canlock Stash Jar? Canlock stash jars keep your herbs fresh, reducing quality degradation. Each stash jar is made of durable, high ...

AirVape Legacy Combo Vaporizer

The AirVape Legacy is a stunningly attractive, hybrid vaporizer with advanced features. Using convection heating, the Legacy is able to switch between ...

10/6/2022 Update
UPDATE: See the NEW and improved AirVape Legacy PRO for 2022.
DabCap Vape-to-Rig Adapter

DabCap is the original adapter that allows you to connect your vapes to your favorite dab rig, bong, or other waterpipe. Such a simple but amazingly useful ...

Herb Ripper Steel Grinder Review

Herb Ripper offers heavy-duty, all-steel grinders for shredding your flower. The Ripper Grinder is Herb Rippers flagship product which is available in ...

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Vaprwear Vape-tech Enabled Apparel

If you’re a fan of vaping with vape pens and cartridges, then you’re going to love the functional gear from Vaprwear. Vaprwear is an innovative apparel ...

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Delta 9 Vs. Traditional THC: What’s The Difference?

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Benefits of Having a Medical Cannabis Card

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How to Deal with Cannabis Intoxication

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Most Common Cannabis Vaping Myths Debunked

Cannabis vaping is still a relatively new phenomenon. Many people don’t fully understand it which has caused the spread of various myths concerning vape ...

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  1. Hey Kyle,

    That’s awesome they’re sending you a replacement. We’ve reviewed lots of AirVape products and know they have a good team standing behind their products.

    We usually prefer vapes that are easy to clean and require less maintenance too.

  2. Hey Vito, thanks for the feedback.

    We haven’t had the chance to review the Puffco Peak yet. We were also not aware of the lawsuit.

    That’s a bummer that the atomizers wear out quickly. Curious to try it out as we can’t speak to the quality from personal experience.

    We really like the Dabtech Duvo X as an e-rig because the re-buildable atomizers are SUPER cheap and easy to replace. That vape is one of our top picks.

  3. Hey there, thanks for the feedback!

    Sorry that happened, that’s definitely a bummer.

    Have you tried reaching out to AirVape support?

  4. Hey John,

    Thanks for pointing this out. The review has been updated!

  5. Hey there, we appreciate the discussion, but let’s please remain respectful of others and keep the conversation around vaporizers. Thanks!

  6. This is interesting. Thanks for sharing. If you have any studies, feel free to post links so people can educate themselves!

  7. Hello, thanks for your comment. What was your experience with Heylo products?

  8. Better late than never. Yes, any concentrate will do. This vape is no longer in production Rokin still offers lots of other great options.

    Check this link for all of our reviews on vapes that work with concentrates.

  9. Hey Freddy,

    Thanks for sharing your experience and sorry to hear that.

    Vessel makes some great designs and we’ve only had good experience with their products. However, we can’t speak to their customer service as we’ve, fortunately, never had to deal with any issues.

    Perhaps there’s been some internal changes since Vessel was acquired by a much larger organization.

    Regardless, please keep us posted on this situation. We’ll try to get this message over to the Vessel team as it seems a couple customers have left similar comments here complaining about their service.

    Thanks again, cheers!

  10. The yellow and blue carts in these photos are Dr. Dabber’s CBD line of oils. They’re not re-fillable. The white ceramic tip cartridges are re-fillable CCELL carts. Hope that helps!

  11. Hi Yann, you don’t have to use bluetooth on the PAX. Bluetooth is only used to make a connection to the app for additional controls and customization. The vape works totally fine without it.

  12. It’s always recommended to use a vape pen on a full charge. As the battery diminishes, you’ll start to notice less vapor with each hit. Weak hits can also be a sign that your battery needs to be recharged.

  13. That is definitely a great way to keep your herbs fresh. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Hi Sandra, these are THC cannabis oil carts. There’s no nicotine.

  15. Are you looking for more info on Rove products? We’re not directly affiliated with the brand. I suggest reaching out to Rove directly.

  16. Hi Dennis, we’re not a retailer or manufacturer. Might want to reach out to Bloom directly for samples 🙂

  17. Can you clarify what you’re talking about? Are you attempting to buy Rove cartridges through their website?

  18. Hi Elliot, thanks for sharing your experience with us and sorry to hear about this unfortunate experience. I’ve used many Vessel vapes and have not encountered any issues so far.

    Were you able to get in touch with Vessel and resolve the issue? If not, let us know and maybe we can help out.

  19. The cartridge definitely shouldn’t look like it’s empty. Maybe it leaked? Contact the retailer where you purchased it immediately.

  20. Hi Andrew, why not order a vape battery online? Is there something in particular we can help you find?

  21. Not sure where Rove is available outside of CA. I suggest try contacting the brand already if you haven’t.

    Here’s a link to their contact form and also info on store locations:

  22. Hi Larry,

    Have you had any success with CBD products? Which cannabis products do you find help the best with your particular needs?

  23. Waxman Concentrates used to be available via Greenly delivery service, in Los Angeles, but it looks like either company may have ceased operations.

  24. What seems to be the issue? What have you tried?

  25. It’s generally a good practice to remove any vape cartridges while recharging a vape battery. All CCELL vapes we’ve tried reach a full charge within 2 hours. Perhaps you have a defective vape?

  26. We don’t sell products as we just do reviews. I noticed the Blackout X website is down as well. Not sure what’s going on with the company/website to be honest. Let us know if we can recommend something else to you.


  27. Where are you located? Depending on the legality of your state, you may be able to purchase without a medical recommendation as long as you’re over 21.

  28. Hi Kara,

    Did the cartridge leak? Cartridges tend to leak into the battery, making the connection between pins very sticky. When this happens, pulling them apart can often damage either the cartridge, the battery, or both connections.

    Did you contact the retailer or O.pen about the issue?

  29. Hey Andrea,

    Did it work at some point? What seems to be the issue? Did you contact the retailer where you originally purchased the device?


  30. Hey Esther,

    Both the Blackout X PREM31R and Dry Herb+ work better with thicker oils – not necessarily vaping liquids. Because the vape switches from flower to wax/oil by dropping in a metal cup insert (not a liquid tank or absorbent wick), it’s not well suited for very thin liquids like e-juices.

  31. Hey Yaro,

    That’s great to know! We appreciate the update!

  32. We are not a retailer or manufacturer. Also, any cannabis products that contain THC are NOT ALLOWED to be shipped. However, if you fill out the buyer form here, we’ll be sure to update you as soon as more options to ship become available:

    Also, if interested, CBD is legal to ship and buy online:

  33. Hey Ally,

    I would suggest filling an empty vape cartridge with a vape liquid/concentrate designed for vaping vs. an edible oil. If you already have an ingestible oil, I would ask the manufacturer if it can be vaped.

    Here’s some options for empty vape cartridges:

    Here’s some options for CBD vaping liquids:

    When it comes to CBD strength, 1000mg is on the high end for potency range but is generally very safe. Since there’s no psychoactive “high” effect from CBD, you should be fine. Also, vaping will allow you to gauge small, controlled doses.

    All the best!

  34. Where did you originally purchase the battery?

  35. Hi Bridget, as Helper Harry mentioned below (quoted from this review), Rove oils can be quite thick. Using a push-button battery or other vape with a “pre-heat” function will help loosen the oil up a bit.

  36. Hi Robbie,

    We’re not a retailer. We don’t sell products as we only do reviews. If you fill out the form here, we’ll keep you informed as new options to ship become available:

  37. Hi Laurie,

    The single origin cartridges are their small batch production cartridges that come from individual farms.

  38. Hey Dolores,

    Are you asking if all Sublime vape cartridges work with the same vape battery? It looks like Sublime has expanded their product line since we last reviewed them, but as far as we know, the carts look pretty standard and should work with 510-threaded vape cartridges.

    If you’re in the market for a vape battery, check these out:

  39. Hi Charles, we do not carry any products as we are not a retailer or manufacturer. We do reviews only 🙂

    You can try reaching out to Hemp Bombs directly if you’re interested in their products.

    What products have you tried? How does CBD help improve your life?

    All the best!

  40. Hey Scott,

    We’re not aware of any retailers that will ship THC containing products across states as it is illegal. However, there are many CBD brands that will ship. You can check out some of these retailers here:

    If you fill out the form here, we will update you as more options for cannabis products and shipping become available:


  41. We’re not a retailer. We do reviews only. Check here to see the locations where O.pen products are sold:

    You may also be interested in similar CBD vapes that are shipped internationally here:

  42. Hi Jessica, we’re not a retailer or manufacturer. However, if you have two seconds to fill out the form here, we can help you find some options:

  43. Hey Sue, we were unaware that Rove had updated their packaging since we last reviewed their carts. You can see Emma’s comment below on using the new packaging. Thanks for that tip Emma!

  44. Hey Kasey, that’s a great question! Unfortunately, there is no pre-heat function on the CCELL Palm vape. For carts with really thick oils like the early Honey Vape cartridges, I’ve seen manufacturers suggest pre-heat with a blow dryer or putting near a heat source. Sounds ridiculous, but it works! Best of luck.

  45. Hey Lisa,

    That seems odd. It could be a faulty battery. Because Mozen vape pens are pre-filled disposables, they are not rechargeable. I suggest reaching out to the retailer where you originally purchased the product or reach out to Mozen directly about the issue.

    Best of luck!

  46. Are you sure you had a genuine Flav cart? Where did you purchase?

  47. Hey Mark,

    We’re not a retailer or manufacturer. We do reviews only. Best of luck!

  48. Hey Patricia,

    Have you tried reaching out to Kurvana directly? If a friend gave you the cart as a gift, ask them where they purchased it and contact the original retailer.

    Best of luck!

  49. Shoot us an email at [email protected] – we’ll get you squared away!

  50. We’re not a retailer. We do reviews only. Check here to see the locations where Flav products are sold:

  51. Hey Colleen, we recently discovered that Haze is no longer in operation. You might be able to grab some screens from retailers like while supplies last. Best of luck!

  52. Hey Megan, we’ve seen the usb chargers go out preventing the battery from charging. Have you tried charging your battery with different chargers to determine if it’s actually the battery that is failing? I’d also suggest reaching to the retailer where you made the purchase or reaching out to Kurvana directly for a replacement. Cheers!

  53. Hey Wendolyn, check back with the retailer where you got your Kurvana products or try reaching out to Kurvana directly. Perhaps you received a defective cartridge and can get an exchange. The oil itself is quite superb.

  54. Hi David, I haven’t experienced that with Kurvana. Which particular ones did you try?

  55. Hey Kathy,

    The battery will indicate that it is charging when lit up by the LED light. When the light goes out, the battery is fully charged.

  56. These contain a high amount of THC so if that’s what you’re being tested for, it will show up testing positive.

  57. Hey Heather,

    Can’t recall off the top of my head, but I believe the LED light on the PALM will blink when it’s charging. After about two hours, the light should go out which indicates the battery is fully charged. Most vape cartridge batteries work in a similar manner.

    Depending on how heavily you use the battery, you may need to charge daily. I suggest recharging when you start to notice a decline in the intensity of each puff.

    Vape cartridges tend to leak over time so I’d suggest disconnecting the magnetic attachment and removing the cartridge from the PALM, storing them separately to prevent leaks into the connections. Swabbing with a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol, you should be able to clean out the magnetic attachment as well as the connections on the cartridge and the PALM battery.


  58. What box are you referring to?

  59. What seems to be the issue? Did it work at one point?

  60. We’re not a retailer. We do reviews only. Check here to see the locations where Flav products are sold:

  61. We’re not a retailer. We do reviews only. Check here to see the locations where O.pen products are sold:

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