How to Deal with Cannabis Intoxication

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A generation ago, cannabis use was rife across the western world – but it all took place underground. 

People had no idea what they were buying. They learned how to grow cannabis, roll it and consume it by imitating others. And if they had a bad trip, well that just went with the territory. 

We are fortunate to live in more enlightened times. 

Cannabis is legal in many U.S. states and is starting to spread across more countries in Europe as well. 

With cannabis being sold in regulated markets, legal requirements call for more transparency which is great because you know what you are getting.

There are numerous helpful resources online that take the guesswork out of choosing the right weed, and getting the most from it.  

However, because of the rate at which cannabis is becoming popular and commercialized, it poses some dangers to first-timers who jump into trying it without any knowledge.

There’s a few important things you should consider before you toke up.

Too much of a good thing 

One important topic surrounding cannabis that is still not often discussed is cannabis overindulgence. 

In California, which is considered a cannabis mecca, it’s common to see cannabis billboards and advertising that glorify cannabis, showcasing how awesome cannabis is. Despite cannabis normalization, risks and how to actually use cannabis is still esoteric to many.

With modern cannabis concentrates and highly potent THC products, purpose-built vaping devices like the CCELL cartridge are crucial for having enjoyable cannabis experiences. It’s easier than ever to get smooth, predictable and consistent hits with quality vape pens.

The CCELL features a ceramic element that vaporizes the cannabis oil more efficiently to provide a smooth flavor without the scorching you get from a conventional cotton wick.

These advancements in vape tech represent considerable improvements over improvised OG methods like rolling blunts and taking bong rips. With the old school methods, you’re kind of rolling the dice because you can’t be too sure of how much of dose you’re getting.

The old days when cannabis transactions took place in dimly lit alleys or behind run-down bars are long behind us. If you’re using cannabis today, you should be educated on how and why you should use certain products and why vape tech is often superior.

However, these modern-day delivery systems are so efficent, they can also lead to some unexpected and potentially alarming consequences. This is especially true for those who are new to vaping THC and find themselves diving in at the deep end.

Overdosing on cannabis  

First, let’s consider the good news. 

You can’t overdose on cannabis in the way you can on alcohol or painkillers.

Unlike alcohol, cannabis does not have a threshold amount that will cause physiological damage. While overconsumption of alcohol can lead to alcohol poisoning, this is not a concern with cannabis.

However, THC can have quite dramatic side effects, and the more of it you consume, the more extreme these effects will be. 

These symptoms vary depending on many factors like the person’s tolerance, the type of weed, and the method of consumption. 

Effects can be mild to severe and range from from pleasant relaxation to euphoria or anxiety and extreme paranoia.  

Other common side effects from consuming too much THC can include severe anxiety, confusion, lack of coordination, hallucinations or a racing heartbeat. 

These are all signs that you are in the grips of cannabis intoxication. It bears similar characteristics to alcohol intoxication, but the good news is you won’t suffer a hangover.

Dealing with intoxication 

The great thing about cannabis is that it’s generally considered safe. Cannabis intoxication is highly unlikely to cause any permanent or severe damage to your health. There are no documented cases of death from cannabis overdose.

However, cannabis intoxication can impair your judgment. 

While you are under the influence of cannabis you may have impaired vision, short-term memory loss, and lack of coordination. Therefore, you should avoid operating heavy machinery and any activities that can be potentially harmful to yourself and others such as driving.

Over-intoxication can also cause you to become panicked. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you or a friend have overindulged and are too high, the best thing you can do is try to sit still, relax, and remember it will wear off soon.

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, find a safe distraction such as watching TV or listening to calming music while you wait for your high to come down. 

Other useful techniques to ground yourself and reduce anxiety include taking deep breaths, meditating, and acknowledging that the high you’re experiencing  from cannabis is only temporary.

While vaping cannabis is one of the most effective and efficient methods of consumption, keep in mind that it does come with risks. 

Just remember, THC oil and extracts can deliver strong hits, so start off slow with small amounts over time. If you play it safe, you’ll be in control of your cannabis experience allowing you to have an enjoyable time with this fascinating plant.

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