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AirVape Legacy PRO (2022 edition)

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The AirVape Legacy PRO is a hybrid or combo vaporizer that vapes both flower and wax concentrates.

This 2022 version of the AirVape Legacy PRO is the latest edition to the original Legacy combo vaporizer with many improvements and new features.

airvape legacy pro hybrid vape

This upgraded Legacy PRO edition has a couple major improvements including a larger battery and chamber, and a sleeker shape that’s lighter and feels better in your hand. The Legacy PRO also features more efficient heating, improved airflow, and several other new features.

AirVape Legacy PRO
Sexiest and most advanced hybrid vaporizer for dry herb flower and cannabis concentrates. Wireless charging, precise temp control, and excellent flavor transfer.
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What’s Included with the AirVape Legacy PRO

  • AirVape Legacy PRO
  • 18650 Legacy Removable Battery
  • Concentrates Pad Insert, Gold Plated Basket for Microdosing
  • USB-C Charger Cable
  • Cleaning, Loading Tools
  • Replacement Filter Screens
  • User Manual
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Design & Features of the Legacy PRO

Here’s the standard features of the AirVape Legacy PRO:

  • Vapes both flower and concentrates
  • Haptic feedback (vibrates when reaching optimal temperature)
  • Fast heat-up time
  • Adjustable auto-shut off timer (3, 5 or 10 minutes)
  • In-activity auto-shut off timer (60 seconds of no use)
  • Precise temperature control (200F to 440F)
  • Simple 3 button interface with LCD screen
  • Ceramic Mouthpiece
  • Removable glass airpath
  • Removable large capacity battery
  • Gold plated heating Chamber
  • Built-in adjustable micro-dosing disc
  • USB-C and wireless charging
  • On-demand temp boost
airvape legacy pro vaporizer
Beautifully designed AirVape PRO Legacy vape.

Notable improvements on the AirVape Legacy

  • Hybrid heating – more flavor and efficiency
  • Bigger chamber – increased size by 20%
  • Improved airflow
  • Easier to clean – eliminated tiny parts
  • Structural improvements like hinges and seals
  • Wax mode with higher temperature range
  • Built-in adjustable microdosing disc – no more need for separate insert
  • Shape and weight – aesthetically pleasing curves and lighter weight
  • More powerful battery – 3200 mAh
  • All matte black finish with gold plated accent
airvape legacy pro diagram
Improvements to the AirVape Legacy.

Tech Specs

Dimensions119 mm x 52 mm x 21
MaterialsHemp-based textile, Vegan leather, Black ceramic, 24K gold plating, Glass airpath
Battery18650 rechargeable li-ion battery; 3200 mAh capacity; USB-C rechargeable
Charging Time
Heating TimeReaches optimal vaping temperature in 15 seconds
Oven Capacity
Heating MethodHybrid conduction + convection
Temperature Settingsprecise control from 200°F to 440°F
AirVape Legacy PRO
Sexiest and most advanced hybrid vaporizer for dry herb flower and cannabis concentrates. Wireless charging, precise temp control, and excellent flavor transfer.
20% off
Discount with code at AirVape

How to Use the Legacy PRO Vape

Here’s the basic use of the AirVape Legacy PRO:

  • Loading the vape – Open the lid to pack a bowl of evenly ground up dry herb flower.
  • Power on/off – 3x clicks of the power button to turn on the device.
  • Adjusting temperature – When powered on, use the up/down arrows to set the temperature; device will automatically start heating up and will vibrate when the target temperature is reached.
  • Start puffing away.

For more advanced use and additional information, check out the AirVape Legacy PRO user manual here.

My Experience with the Legacy PRO

My first run with the Legacy PRO was fantastic.

In testing the Legacy PRO, I packed a bowl of some super fire flower that I got from a local grow op. This is some top shelf herb that is packed with flavor and figured it would be a good way to test how well this vape transfers flavor.

I tend to vape small bowls so I loosened up the micro-dosing disc to compact the size of the bowl. I set the temp to 320F.

I’m a big fan of vapes with exact temperature control displayed on a screen. This makes it convenient to dial in your temps as vape temperature is important for getting the best experience.

Great vapor performance

As soon as my targeted temp was reached, I noticed I wasn’t getting much vapor. I waited about another minute (as displayed on the shutoff countdown timer) – then that’s when I really started to notice great vapor clouds and an extremely tasty creamy flavor that transferred over from my buds like I’ve never experienced before.

This vape does such a fantastic job of delivering taste and flavor. So delicious.

Although the vape reached a temp of 320 quickly, it might still take about a full minute or so for the bud to really start releasing full vapors.

Make sure to use a quality grinder that will shred up your buds well. With a convection vape, you want to maximize surface area for hot air to pass through evenly and for more dense vapors.

ryot kannastor gr8tr grinder
Kannastor grinder makes a fine grind for dry herb vapes

Kannastor GR8TR Grinder Editor choice

Whether you’re smoking some dank, sticky buds or vaping flowers, you’ll benefit big time from having a good grinder. …
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Lately, I’ve been using the GR8TR grinder from Kannastor. This high end grinder uses interchangeable grind plates, allowing you to do either a fine or coarse grind. Read this article for must have dry herb vape accessories.

In the end, the Legacy PRO produced a sizable amount of vapor that was very enjoyable and induced a nice buzz.

Legacy PRO drawbacks

One of the drawbacks, which is a pet peeve of mine with vapes, is that little pieces of weed come out of the chamber and get stuck around the air vent screens and the micro-dosing disc. Fortunately, this is less of a problem with the PRO model versus the original Legacy vape. As long as you keep it clean, the vape should continue to perform well.

airvape legacy pro oven
AirVape Legacy PRO chamber with vaped flower.

Built-in micro-dosing disc

I like the fact that the micro-dosing disc is built into the device, rather than requiring a separate micro-dose insert to carry around. However, the disc can be difficult to rotate as you can’t tell how far it can spin before unscrewing from the device completely. It’s also difficult to tell how much of the chamber volume size is actually reduced from loosening up the disc. It is a great idea though and I will have to experiment with this more.

I still need to test out using the concentrate pad for vaping wax and playing around with different temperature settings. I’ll be sure to update this review when I do so.

So far though, I love the look, feel, and performance of this all new Legacy PRO. It’s solid as a dry herb vape.

Price & Where to Buy the AirVape Legacy PRO

AirVape Legacy PRO retails for $270 and is available at AirVape.

Warranty Information – Backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

Upgrade Program – AirVape gives discounts if you already own one of their vaporizers. Learn more about the AirVape upgrade program here.

AirVape Legacy PRO

20% off
Discount with code at AirVape
Sexiest and most advanced hybrid vaporizer for dry herb flower and cannabis concentrates. Wireless charging, precise temp control, and excellent flavor transfer.

Additional Product Photos

AirVape Legacy PRO






Vapor Quality





  • Excellent flavor transfer
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Precise temperature control
  • Wireless charging
  • Adjustable chamber size
  • Easy to operate


  • Can get messy
  • Tiny screens can get clogged
  • Bulky and heavy vape

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