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AirVape Legacy PRO (2022 edition)

The AirVape Legacy PRO is a hybrid or combo vaporizer that vapes both flower and wax concentrates. This 2022 version of the AirVape Legacy PRO is the ...

AirVape Legacy Combo Vaporizer

The AirVape Legacy is a stunningly attractive, hybrid vaporizer with advanced features. Using convection heating, the Legacy is able to switch between ...

11/18/2020 Update
UPDATE: AirVape is now offering a greater discount of 15% off instead of 10% off.
AirVape OM Wax Pen Keychain Review

The AirVape OM is both a compact wax pen and an oil vape that fits discreetly right on your key ring. Featuring a removable dual quartz coil atomizer, ...

Best seller
AirVape X Hybrid Conduction and Convection Vape

There’s always some skepticism when a vaporizer boasts the ability to be used for both flower and concentrates. Can the same vape really produce equally ...

11/10/2020 Update
AirVape X has lowered the price and includes protective case. They now offer a greater discount of 15% off (instead of 10%).
AirVape Xs Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

The AirVape Xs is a personal hand held vaporizer that specifically vaporizes dry herb.  It's an upgraded version of the original AirVape and ...

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