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BioCBD Plus Vape Pen Kit Review

CBD has entered the mainstream as a popular alternative medicine. Many consumers are turning to vaping CBD to help with a variety of ailments. Some use ...

8/5/2021 Update
BioCBD+ has updated their branding, packing, and website since this review was originally published.

BioCBD has discontinued their line of vape products. This product is no longer available.
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Select Oil Vape Cartridge

By now, most cannabis vaping enthusiasts have heard of Select brand cannabis oils. Owned by Cura Cannabis Solutions, one of the largest cannabis ...

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Vessel Vape Pen Battery

Many vape batteries promise great performance but deliver average results, or look cool but aren’t worth the price. Then I discovered Vessel, a ...

11/10/2020 Update
Vessel price dropped down to $79 (originally $100) and is now available in more styles and colors. Charging dock and carrying cases now available.
AirVape OM Wax Pen Keychain Review

The AirVape OM is both a compact wax pen and an oil vape that fits discreetly right on your key ring. Featuring a removable dual quartz coil atomizer, ...

Pulsar APX WAX Vape

Located in Asheville, North Carolina,  Pulsar is perhaps most widely known for its APX Family line of vapes, which have helped progress the vaping ...

Humboldt Farms Cannabis Oil Cartridge

I am always on the search for cannabis vape brands that provide not only significant effects but great flavor as well. One of my favorites has been found in ...

Vangecco MagicBox-S Discreet Oil Vape

The Vangecco MagicBox-S vaporizer is a tiny, discreet, and portable vaporizer. It's designed to be used with your typical cannabis oil vape cartridges. It ...

2/4/2022 Update
UPDATE: Vangecco is no longer in operation. Instead of the MagicBox vape, check out the Ryot Verb which is an identical 510-threaded vape for cartridges. Discount code included.
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