Select Oil Cannabis Vape

Select Oil Vape Cartridge

By now, most cannabis vaping enthusiasts have heard of Select brand cannabis oils.

Owned by Cura Cannabis Solutions, one of the largest cannabis companies in America, the Select brand has been a best selling West Coast leader in the cannabis vape oil industry for years. Select has been winning awards and gaining recognition not only for their extensive line of cannabis vape products, but also their vast array of goodies from 1+1 ratio CBD/THC tinctures to CBD only products to edible gummies.

Select Oil Cannabis Vape

One of their most popular lines of cannabis oil vape cartridges is called Select Elite. Select Elite cannabis vape cartridges deliver activated, broad-spectrum oils that infuse high quality and potency with Select’s highest concentration of activated THC.

Using Ethanol Hash Oil extraction methods and proprietary distillation techniques, Select’s vape products provide high levels of cannabinoid and THC retention, as well as natural terpene preservation. Each cartridge delivers potent and true-to-strain high effects as well as natural flavors.

Select Oil Cannabis Vape

Select offers many different strains, some of which are also available as disposable vapes or stand-alone wax for dabs.

In testing Select Elite oils, I got my hands on two cannabis cartridge oils – Strawberry Banana and Pineapple Express.

Design & Packaging

Cartridge Hardware

Select uses 510-threaded CCELL (ceramic core) cartridges designed to fit flawlessly in any universal 510-threaded vape device. Having a ceramic core means evenly distributed heat to the oil, increasing both the quality and volume of vapor with every draw.

Select Oil Cannabis Vape

Using unbleached, organic cotton wicks in clear plastic mouthpieces ensures purity and smoothness in every puff. Some brands don’t use transparent mouthpieces, and I like the fact that I can see how clear of oil the mouthpiece remains during the life of the cartridge.

Select Oil Cannabis Vape

Select claims a shelf life of two years for their cannabis oil cartridges, which is good news for lighter vape users. When properly stored, these cartridges should  still work beyond two years, but may decrease in efficacy.

Pro tip: When not in use, store your cartridges upright in a cool, dark place.


Unlike a lot of other packaging for cannabis vape cartridges, Select has made it easy to remove the cartridge. Simply pull up on the top tab and the vape cartridge housing slides right out. Remove the soft plastic plug from the base of the vape cartridge.

Select Oil Cannabis Vape

On the bottom of every box is a removable label for you to adhere to your cartridge, to keep track of which of Select’s many strains you’re enjoying. They are easily removable, if you prefer the look of your vape cartridge without a label.

Gently screw into a 510-threaded cartridge vape device and enjoy!

Strain Selection

Half Gram Strains:

  • 0.5g Laughing Buddha/Sativa
  • 0.5g Strawberry Banana/Hybrid
  • 0.5g Pineapple Express/Hybrid
  • 0.5g Original Glue #4/Hybrid
  • 0.5g Gelato/Indica

Full Gram Strains:

  • 1.0g Super Lemon Haze/Sativa
  • 1.0g Great White Shark/Sativa
  • 1.0g Maui Wowie/Sativa
  • 1.0g Durban Poison/Sativa
  • 1.0g Headband/Hybrid
  • 1.0g Sunset Sherbet/Hybrid
  • 1.0g White Rhino/Indica
  • 1.0g Pre-98 Bubba Kush/Indica
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Potency & Lab Facts

0.5g Strawberry Banana/Hybrid

  • THC 83.60%
  • CBD 00.63%

0.5g Pineapple Express/Hybrid

  • THC: 91.73%
  • CBD: 00.17%

My Experience

Strawberry Banana Cannabis Oil

Using my Vessel vape pen, I tried some Select Elite cannabis vape oil in Strawberry Banana. This strain is a  genetic cross between Banana Kush and the “Strawberry” phenotype of Bubble Gum.

This strain is known for its impressive resin production and high THC content. It induces pleasant, calming effects that enhance creativity and help create feelings of centered peace as it settles into the body.

Select Oil Cannabis Vape

I recently tried a similar strain in a Humboldt Farms Strawnana disposable vape, which by comparison, was a bit sweeter in taste. I find Select’s version to be mild in flavor, almost neutral in fact, and easy on the throat.

The lack of strawberry taste results in a more natural flavor due to the preserved cannabis terpenes, rather than added synthetic strawberry flavor.

This vape cartridge is relatively potent at 83.60% THC. With a few puffs, the soft buzz is easy to navigate as you go through your regular activities. A great strain and strength for those with a lower tolerance for vaping cannabis, or want who enjoy calming effects, but don’t want to be completely couch-locked. Heavy-hitters might need to take a few more rips to get the desired high.

I also found this strain to be extremely useful in decreasing nausea due to hangovers, which helps appetite as well!

Pineapple Express Cannabis Oil

The famous Pineapple Express is already known for being a potent strain, but Select has ensured the highest concentration of activated THC with this particular batch. Testing at 91.73% THC, it offers a buzz even heavy-hitters will note.

The more potent Pineapple Express buzzes into the brain invoking a giddiness not felt with common strains. It spreads pleasantly from your head then melts into a blanket of high effects on the body. I found this strain to be great for daytime creativity and enhanced sensory awareness.

The effects carry well into the evening with calmness reigning over production as the body effects become conducive to a restful, sound sleep.

In summary: Both strains produced a distinct Select flavor, clean and pleasant, with more of a natural taste than one infused with synthetic flavor. I definitely feel they both work well during the day, but manage to be calming in the evening thanks to the added benefit of CBD. This ensures a good night’s sleep. The Pineapple Express is the stronger of the two strains as far as potency and high effects.

Final Thoughts

Select Elite offers top-shelf cartridges packing a powerful punch with clean, natural flavors that are distinctly Select, along with significant effects. Both vape cartridges consistently produced smooth clouds of vapor with no clogging during the life of the oil.

My favorite of the two strains was definitely Pineapple Express for its more potent effects. It packed the punch I was looking for and was a definite stand out among my preferred cannabis vape cartridges of all time. The Strawberry Banana was a softer buzz and better suited for the lighter vape experience.

Due to the THC strength in Select Elite, the novice should take it slow with 1-2 quick puffs and allow the effects to settle in for about 20 minutes before vaping more.

With some of their batches testing at over 90%, Select offers some of the highest testing cannabis products on the market.  They’re continually sourcing and offering new strains and flavors, raising the standard as their brand continues to evolve. No matter what potency or effect you desire, Select has you covered.

Price & Where to Buy

Select brand cannabis oil vape cartridges are available throughout multiple dispensaries in California and Oregon with growth in Nevada as well as other legalized states.

You can go to Select and use their dispensary locator to find the location nearest you. In addition to vapes and concentrates, Select also offers tinctures and edible gummies, CBD vape pens, and other CBD only products as well.

Select CBD products

In California, you can find half gram Select brand cartridges for $35.00 and full gram cartridges for $50.00-$60.00.

If you’re in California, try ordering Select cannabis products online through Eaze, the largest online marketplace for ordering cannabis delivery. For limited time, get $20 off your first delivery with Eaze.

Eaze runs daily specials so check in with them often for new deals!

In CA, you can also order from the Nugg marketplace. For limited time, Nugg is offering 20% off your first five orders!

Select Vape Cartridge




Taste & Flavor


Vapor Quality


High Effect





  • Purity
  • Potent high effects
  • Natural flavors
  • Consistent quality
  • Wide array of products
  • Great hardware
  • No clogging


  • A tad pricy

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