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AirVape X Hybrid Conduction and Convection Vape

There’s always some skepticism when a vaporizer boasts the ability to be used for both flower and concentrates. Can the same vape really produce equally ...

8/18/2022 Update
AirVape X has lowered the price and includes protective case. They now offer a greater discount of 15% off (instead of 10%). NEW improved Legacy PRO vape available too.
Rokin Cyclone Pen Vaporizer

Despite being a young company, Rokin continues to deliver in a big way with every new vaporizer they come out with. Their newest vape, The Cyclone, is no ...

8/30/2022 Update
UPDATE: Rokin Cyclone vape is no longer in production. However, Rokin has a whole new line of vapes for oils and concentrates to choose from. Check out all Rokin vapes here.
Utillian 420 Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Utillian 420 vaporizer is the latest release from vaporizer giants Utillian. This release comes on the heels of the popular Utillian 721, which has been ...

AnnaBís – Discreet & Luxurious, Smell-proof Handbags

We all want the most fragrant cannabis, but that fragrance can be a liability if you’re traveling outside your home. There have been too many instances where ...

G Pen Pro Dry Herb Vaporizer

When it comes to G Pen (aka Grenco Science), we expect performance at an affordable price. G Pen has always been at the forefront of vaporizer products ...

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Source Orb 4 Vaporizer

We've had a few run ins with Source Vapes at trade shows, but never really had the chance to check out their products until now. Source Vapes was kind ...

8/15/2021 Update
UPDATE: Source Vapes no longer offers this vaporizer.
Flo True Taste Vape Pen

We were particularly excited to try out the FLO True Taste vape pen because of its touted atomizer design. FLO places its unique spiral ...

Rokin Nitro Wax Vape Pen

With three different temperature settings and a dual quartz rod atomizer to suit every dab-on-the-go situation, the Rokin Nitro Vaporizer hits like a champ. ...

Wink Vapes – 1st Vape Line for Women by Women

Sleek, discrete, and inevitably subtle W!NK‘s new line of vape pens and flavored cannabis oils are an elegant alternative to other products in the vape ...

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