Vaprwear vape tech apparel

Vaprwear Vape-tech Enabled Apparel

If you’re a fan of vaping with vape pens and cartridges, then you’re going to love the functional gear from Vaprwear.

Vaprwear is an innovative apparel brand that offers vape tech-enabled clothing and accessories.

They have a full line of hoodies, backpacks, and t-shirts in different styles. All Vaprwear products are designed to conveniently store away your vape pen while allowing easy access to discreetly vape anywhere, anytime.

Using a patented design, Vaprwear cleverly integrates a complete vapor delivery system into the drawstring of their hoodie sweaters.

Their HydroVape backpacks are the perfect design for, as Vaprwear likes to put it, “staying hydrated and elevated”. The backpacks work functionally just like a Camelbak. They are designed to store a liquid hydration bladder (sold separately), but also have the added feature to integrate your vape pen as well.

Design & Features

For this review, we tried two different lines of Vaprwear gear:

Vaprwear Vapor Delivery System

Both products use the same vapor delivery system. The vapor delivery system consists of a hose fitted with a mouthpiece at one end and a vape pen attachment at the other.

The hose attachment  is compatible with the most common variety of vape cartridges and disposable vape pens. Be sure to use an inhale-activated vape as opposed to a push-button vape.

Vaprwear vape pod attachment

Vaprwear also offers pod vape adapters (sold separately) that extend compatibility to popular vape pod systems like the PAX Era, Juul, KandyPen Rubi, Blu or any other e-cig vape system.

Vaprwear HydroVape Backpack

The Vaprwear HydroVape Backpack is minimalist in design with few pockets. This pack features one main storage compartment for a liquid bladder similar to any Camelbak or bag designed for hydration storage.

Vaprwear HydroVape backpack

There’s one other zippered compartment that’s located near the top of the pack for convenient access to items like sunglasses, chapstick or keys.

The Vaprwear vapor delivery system integrates into the HydroVape backpack which allows you to store your vape pen inside the shoulder strap.

The mouthpiece end of the hose runs through the outside of the shoulder strap and rests conveniently within arms reach. While wearing the backpack, you can vape easily by reaching for the mouthpiece for an easy toke.

Vaprwear HydroVape backpack

Vaprwear LightWeight Hoodie

The lightweight long-sleeve, full-zip hoodie features a soft, light weight cotton that’s cut for a slim fit. The Vaprwear vapor delivery system integrates into the hoodie by way of a drawstring that runs through the hood of the sweater.

Vaprwear hoodie

At one end, you attach your vape pen to the hose and store in a hidden pocket when the jacket is unzipped. At the other end of the hose, you have a mouthpiece that tucks into another pocket on the opposite side of the sweater.

The lining of the hood zips open to expose the vapor system drawstring hose. This is easily removable so that you can swap out replacement parts or wash the sweater without damaging the hose.

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My Experience

Vaprwear Backpack

I just so happened to get my hands on a Vaprwear backpack in time for my trip to Disneyland. I bought a liquid bladder ahead of time so I could stay hydrated while waiting in the long lines under the blistering SoCal Summer heat.

I picked up this cheap 3-liter hydration bladder from Amazon.

When I had the chance to peel away from the crowds, I snuck in a quick toke before hopping on to the next ride. This backpack made it so easy to stay hydrated and maintain my buzz while enjoying all the of parks attractions.

While I had mostly positive experiences with the backpack, the design could use some improvements.

My biggest gripe with the HydroVape backpack is that the zipper on the vape pen storage pocket got a bit finicky on me right off the batt. The zipper teeth became misaligned, preventing me from being able to close the pocket fully. At times, I was worried my vape pen could fall out. This is an important pocket that opens frequently to access to the mouthpiece of the hydration hose. To fix the zipper, I had to force the zipper open and closed several times, finally getting the teeth to realign. Be easy on the zipper!

The other issue I found was that the two elastic bands on the front of the shoulder strap are kind of flimsy. These straps could be improved to better secure the the mouthpiece end of the hose in place. Perhaps thicker, wider and tighter straps would work well. I find myself having to reposition the mouthpiece/hose, tucking it back under the bands often.

Also, depending on the intake air holes on your vape and the placement within the storage pocket, you may have to adjust the vape pen to prevent airflow restriction.

I went for a jog with this backpack and enjoyed being able to hydrate and vape, while literally, on the run. The only downside was that the shoulder straps kept bouncing up and down along my neck and causing some irritation. But that’s okay as this bag will work just fine for most activities and is not necessarily designed for jogging/running.

Vaprwear Hoodie

Overall, I was pretty happy with the Vaprwear sweater. This lightweight sweater is great for a Summer night out. The material is thin enough to sport this hoodie on a warm night without overheating. While the sleeves are a tight fit to get your hands through, the slim fit suits me well and the full-zip up style looks great.

You’ll find that it’s almost too convenient to vape with this thing on. Once your vape is all connected and stored away in the secret pocket, all you have to do is reach for the drawstring whenever you’re craving a hit. Tuck the drawstring back in and stay incognito mode.

You’ll need to use an inhale-activated vape pen with this delivery system. I tried the sweater using two different vapes. The first was a disposable vape pen from Mozen. Then I used the O.pen ISH vape. While this is what I had available, this system works perfectly fine with your typical 510 threaded vape cartridges.

My only gripe with the hoodie is that the drawstring could be a little bit longer to be sure that both ends of the hose stay tucked in their secret pockets. Also, because the secret pockets have such thin slits to slide in your vape pen, the hoodies can only be used with thin-style vape pens. Some of my fave vape batteries like the Rokin Mini or the CCELL Palm won’t fit.

Final Thoughts

Vaprwear hoodies and backpacks are awesome if you have an active lifestyle and want to vape while on the go. It’s also great for stealthy vaping. With their modern styles and very affordable price points, every vape lover should be sporting a Vaprwear hoodie.

Price & Where to Buy

You can purchase Vaprwear hoodies and gear directly through the Vaprwear website.

The lightweight hoodies run $49.99 and the HydroVape backpack is available for $39.99.

Other sweaters and hoodie are available from $15.99-59.99 depending on the style.

Vaprwear offers free standard shipping on orders of $75 or more (within the U.S.).

Use code “VAPEREVIEW” for 20% OFF your entire order. 

Shop Now – Use ‘VAPEREVIEW’ 20% OFF

Vaprwear Warranty

Vaprwear products are backed by a limited-time warranty: 90-day replacement warranty against manufacturing defects on apparel and backpacks; 180-day replacement warranty on vape batteries and drawstrings.

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