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O.penVAPE ISH Vape Pen

O.pen Vape’s ISH rechargeable pens are simple and compact, perfect for the neophyte user or for someone looking for an on-the-go option. They’re pre-filled with flavored distillate cannabis oil, and use a ceramic heating element. There are just three flavors—Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, and Bavarian Cream Pie—which come in 250 mg and 500 mg cartridges. 

Chris Driessen, president of O.pen’s parent company Organa Brands, said the company had taken into account feedback from customers who wanted a flavored cartridge. “The customer is someone who is perhaps not a strain aficionado—someone looking for a rich flavor, without a strong marijuana taste,” he said.

The convenience and simplicity were key here. It’s a discreet hassle-free pen with an equally small and discreet USB charger. If you were headed out for a long weekend, the battery would need minimal charging (if any), and it’s small enough to stash in a pocket or clutch.

Lab Facts

Available Strains


  • Bavarian Cream Pie (83.5% THC)


  • Blue Raspberry (84.2% THC)


  • Watermelon (85% THC)

Design & Packaging

O.pen ISH Battery

The pen itself is a small, sleek, silver device. There’s a small hole on one side, rather than a tapered mouthpiece, and a white light on the other that lights up when in use or charging. There are no buttons. All you have to do to use is puff. When fully assembled, the ISH vape pen looks just like a pre-filled disposable vape pen.

Color Coded Packaging

The packaging is relatively simple as well. Boxes are small and black, with a plastic window that allows you to see the product. Cartridges have a pop of color in the inner plastic, though the colors don’t exactly match with the flavors the way you think you might. Blue Raspberry is orange (sativa), Watermelon is lime green (hybrid), and Bavarian Cream Pie is purple (indica).

Cartridge Design

O.pen ISH cartridges are built with their CeramFLO technology. The use of an all-ceramic atomizer allows for 2x larger hits versus traditional cartridges that use internal wicks. The ceramic material allows for even heat dispersion and more efficient oil absorption as well as tastier hits. Because the cannabis oil does not burn or make direct contact with hot metal parts,  the oil is able to vaporize at lower temperatures which result in delicious tasting hits. The all-ceramic atomizer also uses eight oil inputs to fully absorb all oil within the tank, preventing residual oil waste.

Our Experience

We had the opportunity to try the full line of O.penVape ISH cartridges including the Sativa (Blue Raspberry) and Hybrid (Watermelon) and Indica (Bavarian Cream Pie) cartridges.

Everything about this vape pen is gentle and pleasant. None of the vape cartridges were particularly too strong or light in flavor, though the berry flavor was a bit more pronounced with a deeper hit. The Bavarian Cream was delicious, similar to the creamy, sweetness of a frothy cream soda. That said, there wasn’t a strong marijuana taste either.

All ISH vapes were smooth, though noticeably harsher after deep hits. Potency-wise, three to four medium to deep puffs resulted in a nice buzz. The pen lasted several days with nightly use before the battery ran out.

Cut cigarettes and vape instead

How To Use

The O.penVape ISH pen is very simple to use. Just screw the cartridge into the top and inhale. That’s it; there are no buttons and there’s nothing to adjust.

If the light at the tip doesn’t turn on and you fail to inhale anything, you’re likely out of battery. To charge, unscrew the cartridge and screw on the USB charger. The USB charger has a light that’s red when charging, and green when fully charged. Additionally, the white light at the tip of the pen will turn on when charging, and off when fully charged.

In the two weeks or so that we tried this pen, we only had to charge it once, despite sharing it nightly between two people. It took less than two hours to charge completely.

Price & Where to Buy

The ISH vape cartridges are priced at around $20 for the 250 mg cartridges and $30 for the 500 mg cartridges. ISH oils are available in Arizona, Colorado, Maine, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and recently launched in California. Find a full list of dispensaries where O.penVape products are available here.

O.penVape has several other quality vape lines including their Original and Craft Reserve cannabis oil vape cartridges. Check out our previous O.penVape reviews here.

O.penVAPE ISH Cartridges






Vape Draw


Strain Selection







  • Compact
  • Simple to use
  • Sleek design
  • Mild and pleasant taste


  • Few strains & flavor options

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Ezequiel Mendoza

Can y’all ship to texas


can you send me to vienna


I just bought this pen in Longmont co a few months ago, barely used it. When I unhooked it from the charger, wouldn’t work.
The metal pin inside came out and stuck to the charger. I replaced the pin (quasi-surgical move), still wouldn’t work.
Garbage product, buy a different brand

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