Mozen Vape Pen

Mozen Disposable Vape Pen

Recently launched in Los Angeles, Mozen is an all new vape brand hitting the California market. Mozen vapes are unique cannabis oil blends conveniently packed into an all-in-one, disposable vape pen.

The current Mozen vapes lineup includes four strain options ranging from an indica-dominant “Lights Out” to a sativa-dominant “Power Up” blend for that “get shit done” type of feel.

Design & Packaging

Mozen vapes are beautifully packaged with spot on branding. You can feel the quality of build with each Mozen vape pen the minute it lands in your hands. Each pen uses a real glass tank attached to a built-in battery which gives the vape pen some nice weight to it.

Each tank is pre-filled with 500 mg of tasty and potent distillate cannabis oil. The Mozen vape uses a ceramic heating element which delivers some satisfyingly full draws every time. These pens are designed to last around 200 puffs.

Like most disposable vape pens, these vapes are the easiest to operate. Simply take one long puff (inhale hard enough for the light at the end of the vape to glow). Wait about 5-10 minutes to feel the effects, then repeat as necessary.

Strains & Flavors

The full line of Mozen vapes includes four distinct cannabis oil blends labeled by effect:

  • Power Up – Energetic and uplifting (sativa-dominant, high potency)
  • Seize the Day – Creativity and focus (sativa-dominant, low potency)
  • Rest & Chill – Relax and destress (indica-dominant, low potency)
  • Lights Out – Sedative, pain management and sleep (indica-dominant, high potency)

Process & Lab Facts

Mozen ensures the highest quality cannabis oil through their proprietary extraction process that is solvent-free and clear of all pesticides and microbials.

Each Mozen vape pen is pre-filled with 500 mg of CO2 extracted, distillate cannabis oil. They use all organic flower and CBD derived from whole-plant cannabis (instead of hemp based).

Using a custom-built extraction machine and a low temperature/pressure controlled process, Mozen is able to produce full-spectrum cannabis oil that retains natural cannabis terpenes. The delicious cannabis flavor you experience is completely free of synthetic terpenes and added flavors. The final product is further refined undergoing an organic, cold ethanol winterization process, leaving behind a super smooth, crystal clear oil.

Lab results show high THC potency and CBD blends with balanced terpene profiles:

  • Power Up – 80% THC; Prominent Terpenes: Limonene, Pinene
  • Seize the Day – 40% THC / CBD 10% (THC:CBD 4:1 ); Prominent Terpenes: Pinene, Limonene
  • Rest & Chill –   40% THC / CBD 20% (THC:CBD 2:1); Prominent Terpenes: Linalool, Mercyne
  • Lights Out – 80% THC; Prominent Terpenes: Linalool, Mercyne

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: 9.2 mm x 118 mm
  • Volts: 3.7 (1.2 ohm)
  • Battery capacity: 310 mAh (lasts around 200 puffs)
  • Materials: glass tank
  • Heating: Ceramic element

Our Experience

All Mozen vapes produce a clean, tasty vapor with each drag. The flavors are subtle and actually taste like natural cannabis flower. Although the high effect varies between vape pen strain options, you’ll find all vapes produce a similar sweet and earthy taste with light floral notes.

The low potency Rest & Chill and Seize the Day oil blends are easy to dose. They contain balanced ratios of THC:CBD for a great day time buzz that leaves you clear headed for a productive day. A few light puffs throughout the day will keep you going strong.

The high potency Power Up and Lights Out blends are great if you’re settling down for the day and want to relax into a powerful stoned effect. Two to three nice, long pulls will have you melting into your couch.

Price & Where to Buy

Mozen vapes recently launched in Los Angeles and are now available at dispensaries in San Diego and San Francisco as well. Mozen vapes are around $44 for a single 500 mg disposable vape pen.

You can expect to start seeing Mozen products popup in more dispensaries along the California coast in the next few months.

Look for Mozen on Weedmaps or check the Mozen locator map for dispensaries and delivery services in your area.

Keep up with the latest on Mozen at and follow them on Instagram @getmozen.

Mozen Vape Pen




Taste & Flavor


High Effect




Ease of Use


Vape Draw







  • All-in-one battery + cartridge
  • Clean & natural tasting oil
  • Real cannabis terpenes
  • High THC
  • Pens have a nice weight to them
  • Convenient one-time use
  • Very stealthy


  • Only four strain options

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Maureen Flanagan

Are you the mfg of Mozen prefilled disposable vape pens? If so please e-mail me your company name, address and phone number. We are a distributor of all CBD items and our President wants to discuss this with the mfg of Mozen vape pens.

Lisa facemyer

My mozen vape pen needs cbarges I only got like 20 tokes!!


I just got a Mozen pen last week.
It’s not turning off ever. And it’s extremely hot. I can’t use it.
I guess it’s malfunctioning!?

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