Ryot One Hitter Pipe Dugout

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The Magnetic Dugout One Hitter kits from Ryot are a must have smoking accessory. These dugouts are designed for convenient, easy carry and smoking on-the-go.

This is the perfect every day carry when you don’t have your vape on you. Throw it in your pocket along with a lighter and you’re all set to sesh anywhere, anytime.

These dugouts are simple to use and are available in many awesome looking colors and styles. In this review we’re looking at one of their acrylic dugouts and matching one hitter. Ryot offers this same kit in different materials such as wood grain and aluminum as well. They also have a huge selection of different kinds of one hitters.

Ryot Dugout One Hitter
The perfect smoking accessory travel companion. Dugout kits include magnetic lid, dry herb storage and one hitter pipe.
$38 $45
Discount with code at Ryot.com.

What’s Included with the Ryot Dugout

Each dugout one hitter set includes everything you need to smoke excluding a lighter:

  • 1x Dugout with magnetic lid
  • 1x One hitter pipe
  • 1x Poker tool

Standard Features

  • Matching acrylic one hitter pipe
  • Bowl piece screws into the pipe stem
  • Bowl piece available with optional flat or serrated edges
  • Easily pack the one hitter dipping it into dugout storage
  • Durable acrylic construction
  • Visually stunning design and color styles
  • Magnetic poker and spinning lid
  • Storage for dry herb flower
  • Ergonomic pistol grip design
  • Fits all standard size one hitters
  • Spring-loaded one hitter pops out when lid is opened
  • Lid is tight fitting to hide odors

Tech Specs

Dimensions4.25″ (L) x 2″ (W) x 0.625″ (Thick)
Materialsacrylic dugout and one hitter shell
Bowl Capacity
Ryot Dugout One Hitter
The perfect smoking accessory travel companion. Dugout kits include magnetic lid, dry herb storage and one hitter pipe.
$38 $45
Discount with code at Ryot.com.

How to Use Ryot Dugout One Hitter

The dugout box has a magnetic lid that you flip open to expose the herb storage compartment. It also contains a spring-loaded one hitter pipe that will pop out when you open the lid.

ryot magnetic acrylic dugout one hitter lid
Ryot dugout conveniently stores your dry herb and one hitter pipe.

Grind up some dry herb and put it in the storage compartment. Take out the one hitter pipe and dip the metal bowl end of the pipe into the dry herb to pack it down into the bowl. Once you have a freshly packed bowl, toke out the pipe as you would any other pipe, then convenient store the pipe back in the dugout and close the lid.

ryot magnetic acrylic dugout one hitter built in poker tool
Removable poker tool held in place by magnets.

The poker on the bottom of the kit is held in place by a magnet. Pull out the poker and shove it through the pipe to dump out a smoked bowl. The poker can also be used to clean that shaft of the pipe and clear out any blockages.

Our Experience

I absolutely love the design, simplicity and utility of Ryot’s magnetic dugout with the included one hitter. This makes it easy to sneak little bowls here and there when I’m out and about without my vaporizer handy. I’ve been using this thing as a substitute when I’m away from my desktop e-rig.

As long as you grind up some herb ahead of time and throw it in the dugout storage, you’ll always be ready to burn. When it’s time to smoke, you just pop out the one hitter, dip it in the storage compartment to pack a bowl in a seconds, then toke up. It’s so simple and it works great.

ryot magnetic dugout one hitter and kannastor grinders
Ryot Dugout with Kannastor dry herb grinder.

All you need along with this one hitter kit is a trusty lighter and a quality dry herb grinder. At under $50, this is a must have smoking accessory for dry herb.

If you’re looking for something more fancy and modern, check out Vessel’s Eclipse Kit. This kit is more expensive (at least twice the cost), but it includes a smell-proof case, large glass one hitter, storage container, and lighter.

vessel eclipse drift protecive case
Vessel Eclipse one hitter dry herb kit.

While something like this looks really dope, Ryot’s dugout is actually more convenient to use and carry around.

Price & Where to Buy Ryot One Hitter Dugouts

Ryot Dugout retails for $45 and is available directly through Ryot.

Ryot Dugout One Hitter

$38 $45
Discount with code at Ryot.com.
The perfect smoking accessory travel companion. Dugout kits include magnetic lid, dry herb storage and one hitter pipe.

Ryot dugouts are available in many different styles. There’s over six acrylic dugouts with cool patterns, as well as wood grain dugouts and aluminum. Check out all Ryot dugout products here.

ryot acrylic dugouts

Ryot Dugout Photos


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