PAX 3 Flower and Extract Vaporizer

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The PAX 3 is the latest flagship vaporizer from PAX Labs. With this 3rd generation, the PAX vaporizer has been redesigned to vape both cannabis flower as well as concentrates. With a larger oven, bluetooth enabled app, haptic feedback, and longer battery life, the PAX 3 is a top tier portable vaporizer.

See our review on the previous generation PAX 2 vaporizer.

PAX 3 Combo Vape
Advanced vape for both flower and concentrates. Pairs with the PAX mobile app for precise control.
Order directly from

What’s Included

The PAX 3 complete vaporizer kit include the following:

  • 2x mouthpieces (Flat & Raised Mouthpieces)
  • USB Charger and charging dock (aka cradle)
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Standard Oven Lid
  • Half-Pack Oven Lid
  • 1x Concentrate insert
  • Multi-Tool keychain
  • 3x Replacement screens
  • Quick start instruction guide

Unlike the 2nd generation PAX, the PAX 3 now includes a useful half-pack lid so that you can conserve weed. With the ability to pack smaller bowls of dry herb coupled with precise temp control, the PAX 3 is a great vaporizer for micro-dosing cannabis.

Design & Features

  • Vapes both flower and concentrates
  • Haptic feedback – vibrates when ready
  • LED display for battery life indicator, temp settings, and more
  • Bluetooth enabled – control exact temp and other features with paired smart phone app
  • Incredible sleek, low-profile design
  • Motion detection for auto-shutoff
PAX 3 Combo Vape
Advanced vape for both flower and concentrates. Pairs with the PAX mobile app for precise control.
Order directly from

Tech Specs

DimensionsDevice: 4” h X 1” w X 1” d; Oven capacity: 0.3g
BatteryCapacity: 3500 mAh; Sessions per charge: 8-10; Charge time: 90+ Minutes
Temperature SettingsTemperature range: 360 – 420 F; Average heat-up time: 20 seconds
Cannabis typeFlower/dry herb and wax concentrates

Using the PAX app is the easiest way to go as you can have more precise temperature control, can enable games, change vaping modes, and more. The PAX app is available for iOS and Android phones.

How to Use the PAX 3

Because the PAX is an advanced vape with many features, but has a minimal interface, there is a learning curve with this vape. The mouthpiece doubles as a push-button power on/off switch. The built-in accelerometer uses gestures to control the vape, or you can use the PAX app that pairs with the device via Bluetooth connection.

Using the PAX App

Using the PAX app is the easiest way to go as you can have more precise temperature control, can enable games, change vaping modes, and more. The PAX app is available for iOS and Android phones. Check the app store.

PAX iphone app
PAX mobile app for the iPhone.

Detailed instructions are available online so we’ll just cover the basic functions of using the PAX 3 vape to get you started:

Basic PAX 3 Functions

  • Powering on the device: Press down on the mouthpiece one time to turn the device on/off. Once powered on, the device will immediately start heating up to the last set temperature.
  • Check battery: Shaking the device while it’s powered on will display the remaining battery life as indicated by the 4 signature PAX petals. 1 petal for 25% battery, 2 for 50%, and so on.
  • Change heat setting: While powered on, click and hold the mouthpiece button for about 2-seconds. This will enable the temperature settings mode. Click to cycle through the temp settings which are represented by the LED petals similar to checking battery life. Shake the device to exit temp setting mode. For fine-tune control, use the PAX app to adjust the exact temp setting and experiment with various heating profiles (like flavor, boost and stealth) which adjusts devices use of power.

Our Experience

All PAX vapes are well designed with innovative features and stunning aesthetics. I’m always so excited whenever I get my hands on a new PAX vape to try out. Each new design is better than the last so I can’t help but to come into each review with high expectations.

The default flat mouthpiece forces you to inhale from the device at an awkward angle, almost like you’re sipping from a cup. I prefer to use the extended mouthpiece as I find it more natural to create a nice seal with your lips. Both mouthpieces are included and are easy to pop out and swap.

Vaping flower with the PAX 3

I like how the PAX 3 comes with a half-pack lid. I don’t need to pack huge bowls to get stoned so this is great. Using this lid instead of the default lid, I’m able to pack half as much flower into the chamber and still catch a nice buzz.

Vaping flower out of the PAX 3 is a lot easier and cleaner than flower. While vaping wax is nice, flower doesn’t leave a sticky mess or require lid. In fact, the PAX was originally designed as a dry herb vape.

Find a good grinder to shred up your buds into a medium-fine grind and pack it down into the oven. Be sure not to over pack the bowl. For this review I’m using the Herb Ripper grinder and the pack and tamp tool which is really convenient for transferring your weed from the grinder.

PAX3 with STIIIZY LIIT flower

I find that the PAX 3 is best controlled using the PAX app. With the app, I set the vaporizer to heat up between 370 – 390F and choose the flavor profile.

This heats up on the lower-medium end of the temp scale and produces medium size vapors while maximizing flavor. I always aim to avoid burning sensation and any smoke.

I’m using some frosty STIIIZY LIIT Cake flower that I order through Emjay Delivery (delivery service for Los Angeles) so I want low heat to really taste my weed. No need for super fat clouds as this weed is dank enough for my tolerance level.

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After about 1 minute, the device is hot enough allowing me to pull small rips for a few minutes straight. While not a heavy hitter, the PAX 3 gets the job done. You can turn the heat up into the 400F and above range, but this can cause some smoke and I find that it’s not necessary, especially if you’re packing some good flower.

Vaping extracts with the PAX 3

While many portable wax vapes and wax pens typically use coils to heat cannabis extracts, the PAX uses a removable, metal a concentrates insert that sits inside the oven. The insert replaces the default oven cover and is easily swapped in and held in place with a magnetic lid. Simply place a dab of wax or a few drips of oil into the insert.

The downside to the design of the concentrates insert is that it uses super-thin rubber washers to make a tight seal. This little bands can be easily lost or damaged.

However, the PAX does do a great job at transferring the tasty terps from some quality wax and delivers a satisfying amount of vapors. While originally designed for flower and dry herb, the PAX’s conduction heating system does well with extracts because of this vape’s precise temp control capabilities.

Price & Where to Buy

You can buy the PAX 3 vaporizer for $250 as a complete vaporizer kit from the PAX website. The vaporizer device is also sold separately for a lowered price of $200.

Warranty Information – All PAX vaporizers are backed by a limited 10-year warranty.

PAX 3 Combo Vape

Order directly from
Advanced vape for both flower and concentrates. Pairs with the PAX mobile app for precise control.

Additional Product Photos

PAX 3 Combo Vape






Vapor Quality





  • Precise temp controlled
  • Vapes both wax and flower
  • More control with mobile app
  • Slick looking vape
  • High performance
  • Includes cleaning kit


  • Pricy

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