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The G Pen Hyer is a portable e-nail that allows you to take precisely controlled dabs out of any bong, water pipe or other dab rig.

Featuring a powerful, high-capacity battery, the Hyer uses a controller with 5x temperature presets, and magnetically attaches to a large atomizer for taking precisely controlled dabs.

gpen hyer enail for concentrataes
G Pen Hyer e-nail with high-capacity battery

It’s like the bigger, stronger, more powerful version of the G Pen Connect, which we’ve reviewed previously.

It also has an adjustable auto-shutoff timer to control the length of your sessions.

Right out of the box, the Hyer is designed for dabbing cannabis concentrates, but it can also be adapted to vaporize flower using a separate atomizer for dry herb.

G Pen Hyer
G Pen Hyer is an e-nail for your wax concentrates. It uses an easily attachable, magnetic connection to a high capacity battery for ultimate control of your dabs.
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G Pen
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What’s Included

Each Hyer order is a full e-rig kit that comes with a hemp travel case. Each order includes the following:

  • 1 G Pen Hyer battery
  • 1 G Pen Hyer quartz tank for concentrates
  • 1 G Pen Hyer concentrates tank cap 
  • 1 G Pen Hyer tank housing
  • 1 G Pen Hyer 14mm male glass adapter
  • 1 G Pen hyer power cable
  • 1 USB to USB-C charging cable
  • 1 dab tool
  • 1 hemp travel case
gpen hyer erig kit
G Pen Hyer e-nail vape kit

Design & Features

The G Pen Hyer has many awesome features. Here we’ll cover what comes standard right out the box. Then we’ll also cover some details about some additional accessories that are available for the Hyer.

Standard features of G Pen Hyer

Here’s the standard features of the G Pen Hyer:

  • Dual-use functionality
  • Quartz concentrate tank
  • Ceramic herb oven
  • G Pen LED interface to indicate battery life, heat setting, and timer
  • 5 temperature presets
  • Standard kit fits 14mm female joint
  • Modular to all glass fittings (10mm/14mm/18mm)
  • Long lasting, fast charging battery
  • Modular magnetic fittings on caps and power cables
  • Audible notifications for power and temperature
  • Braided power cable with easy, snap-in magnetic connections
  • Fast and pass-through charging (you can use it while plugged in)
  • Safe design (insulated tank housing, separate battery and heating element, no exposed coils)

Concentrates tank features

Here’s some details specifically for the included concentrate tank:

  • Full Quartz chamber with custom-stamped stainless-steel heating element
  • 5 temperature settings between 482℉ (250℃) to 842℉ (450℃)
  • Magnetic and anodized aluminum carb cap with dual ceramic airflow insert 
  • Integrated stainless steel wax tool with two placement settings 
  • No exposed coil
  • Heat up time between 15 to 45 seconds for wax

Additional accessories are available and can be purchased separately.

gpen hyer atomizer for concentrataes
Quartz atomizer for concentrates comes standard with the G Pen Hyer

Hyer dry herb tank

If you want to use the Hyer for vaporizing dry herb, you will need the Hyer dry herb tank.

gpen hyer dry herb tank
Dry herb tank for G Pen Hyer

Here’s some info on the dry herb tank for the Hyer:

  • Full ceramic oven with 0.5g capacity
  • 5 temperature settings between 356℉ (180℃) to 428℉ (220℃)
  • Pre-heated recirculating air intake system
  • Anodized aluminum carb cap with integrated airflow 
  • Heat up time between 16 to 25 seconds for dry herb
  • Dry herb tank retails for $49.95
G Pen Hyer
G Pen Hyer is an e-nail for your wax concentrates. It uses an easily attachable, magnetic connection to a high capacity battery for ultimate control of your dabs.
20% off
G Pen
Discount with code at

Tech Specs

MaterialsBattery and controller: anodized aluminum casing; Dry herb tank: Quartz chamber with stainless-steel heating element; Carb cap: Anodized aluminum with ceramic airflow insert
Battery6000 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery; pass-through and fast USB-C charging (150 minutes to fully charge)
Charging Time 2 hours to reach full charge
Heating Time15-45 seconds
Oven Capacity0.5g
Sessions~30 cycles for wax and up to 50 cycles for herb
Heating MethodConduction
Temperature Settings356℉ – 842℉

How to Use the G Pen Hyer

The G Pen Hyer works for concentrates right out of the box. A dry herb tank and glass adapters to fit the joints of various sized rigs are available though.

Here is the most basic use of the Hyer right out of the box:

  • Attach the controller/battery to the atomizer housing using the snap-on magnetic attachments.
  • Plug the glass fitting on atomizer housing into any water pipe with a 14mm female joint.
  • Load the atomizer up with your cannabis concentrates.
  • Hold the power button for 3-seconds to power on/off.
  • Select your desired temperature using the < and > buttons (blue is the lowest temp setting at 482F and red is the highest setting 824F).
  • Press the power button 2x to start heating and once more to end your session.

Our Experience

I’ve used other e-nails in the past. They’re usually clunky with sloppy, exposed coils, ill-fitting bangers, and cheap controller batteries. The exposed coils make these designs dangerous and the temperature is often hard to regulate.

Well-designed e-nail

The G Pen Hyer, on the other hand, is beautifully designed and keeps everything nicely organized.

The magnetic attachments are great. It’s a breeze to snap-on the attachments to connect the controller battery to the atomizer housing. Same goes for the carb cap on the concentrate tank.

If you like taking fat dabs, the included atomizer has a huge quartz dish that’s heated by a steel heating element hidden underneath. No exposed coils means you avoid any risk of burning yourself.

The housing has is fitted with a magnetically attached carb cap. The included dab tools can be screwed into the carb cap for hands free lifting. Again, well thought out so you avoid any danger of getting burnt.

gpen hyer lid

This thing has 5 presets that can take you from baby dabs with super tasty terps to high temps that will rip a lung.

Testing out some dabs

In testing the Hyer, I’m taking some dabs out of a sick Grav Labs shower-head coil dab rig that I got from Cannabox. Check out all of their dab rigs here.

gpen hyer with dab rig

I tend to take tiny dabs because I enjoy a smooth toke and flavor from my concentrates. I find the middle settings, either the 2nd or the 3rd, works well for me.

gpen hyer controller powered on
LED indicator lights on the Hyer battery controller

You can use an adjustable timer to auto-shutoff too. I keep my sessions short, so the lowest setting for for me as well.

Testing dry herb

I think it’s so cool that you can switch from dabbing wax to vaping flower all in the same e-nail. This is the first device of this kind of that I’ve come across. Other vape-to-rig adapters I’ve used are typically just for dabbing wax.

I found that the dry herb tank works best when you pack it full of well-ground up flower. Pack it down down tight. I like to use a scoop and tamp tool which is a super handy smoking accessory.

Scoop and Tamp Tool Editor Choice

Convenient double-sided tool for scooping ground up dry herb and packing it down. Handy smoking and vaping accessory for loading up a bowl.
Available at

With the 2nd setting, it heats up the flower enough where I can see the chamber in my rig start to fill with light vape. It actually hits pretty hard without getting so dense and hot that it becomes uncomfortable.

For those with an iron lung or high tolerance, you will probably want to go north of the 2nd lowest setting. The 3rd and up will probably be your best bet.

Pro tip: When using the dry herb tank, don’t remove the carb cap to clear your hit.

It’s better to pull the entire housing out of the female join rather than remove the carb cap. Depending on your type of rig, inhaling from the chamber can causes a suction that adds back pressure. This build up of pressure can blow your herb right out of the oven if you remove the carb cap.

Trust me, I’ve learned this the hardware.

I’m not sure what the recommended way is to use the carb cap. I’ll have to dig around.

Since this device just came out, I’ll need more time to spend using both the concentrates and dry herb tanks. I’ll report back and update this review I’ve given it a fair assessment.

But so far, this thing rips and I love the design.

UPDATE: I’m now convinced that I get the best pulls when vaping dry herb on the 4th setting (yellow). I activate the device and let it heat for about 45 seconds. Then I start milking the chamber and pulling the Hyer our of the rig to clear it. I’ll do this about 4-5 times before the bowl is nuked. If you pop off the lid, you can give it a stir. This will give you another good hit or two, but it won’t taste as good as the first round of nice rips.

Final Thoughts

I’ll have to revisit this review for a final assessment, but it’s no doubt a great e-nail for dabbing concentrates. The added bonus that it vapes dry herb as well is really cool too.

Price & Where to Buy

G Pen Hyer retails for $249.95 and is available at G Pen.

Additional glass adapters and accessories sold separately (adapter sizes: 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm male and female).

You may also be interested in the G Pen Connect, which is the smaller and cheaper alternative to the Hyer.

Warranty Information – Backed by a 2-year warranty.

G Pen Hyer

20% off
Discount with code at
G Pen Hyer is an e-nail for your wax concentrates. It uses an easily attachable, magnetic connection to a high capacity battery for ultimate control of your dabs.
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Additional Product Photos

G Pen Hyer






Vapor Quality





  • Well-designed
  • Quality materials
  • Adjustable temp and timer
  • Magentic attachments
  • Vapes both extracts and flower
  • Large capacity battery
  • No exposed heating coil


  • Requires separate tank for flower
  • No exact temp control
  • Only includes 14mm joint

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