How to Vape with Your Bong for the Best Hits Possible

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Yes, vape pens are nice. And so is dabbing and taking a fat bong rip.

We can all agree that sometimes though, hitting a vape pen is just not satisfying enough.

But, have you tried vaping through a bong?

Many vaporizers can be easily adapted to connect to your favorite bong, dab rig, or other water pipe. These vape-to-bong attachments are nifty vape accessories, designed to significantly enhance your vaping experience.

In this article, we’re going to cover why you would want to vape with a bong, the best vape accessory options currently available, and exactly how to vape with your bong.

Why Vape with a Bong?

Any time you toke up through a water pipe, filter or cooling system, the result is always smoother and more desirable hits. While we’re diehard vape enthusiasts, nothing compares to the satisfaction of an occasional, full bong rip. As to avoid taking a beating to the lungs and throat, it’s best to avoid smoking as a habit, however.

Bong rip

Now, if you’re able to consistently produce clean and smooth, cooled vapors, you’re going to have the most awesome vaping experience possible.

You can easily and affordably do this with a vape-to-bong adapter.

Typically, when you’re vaping cannabis oils or extracts, like with dabbing for example (usually with a dabbing torch and a piping hot banger or nail), it’s easy to accidentally overdo it.

Just one poorly-timed, high-temp dab and you’re toast. You scorch your throat and lungs. You’re coughing up a lung. Now you’re squinting through watery eyes wondering where you put your Visine.

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Powerful vaporizers and vape pens tend to run hot. Not only can vapors be harsh on the inhale, but mouthpieces can get too hot for comfort and may also burn your lips. The harshness can stifle the size your hits as well.

By attaching your vaporizer to a water pipe, you’re able to filter those hot vapors, significantly cooling them down. And with a bong, you can draw huge, thick plumes of vapor into the chamber for a fuller hit. As a result, you’ll get satisfyingly dense clouds, the smoothest vape possible, and a more desirable high.

Vaporizer and Water Pipe Adapters

So what vaporizers are compatible to hook up to your rig?

Let’s start with the most basic and affordable solutions, then move on to the more sophisticated.

DabCap Vape-to-Rig Adapter Best Value

The first ever vape-to-rig adapter. Made with 100% pure medical-grade silicone, this revolutionary tool solves dabbing on glass. DabCap makes smoking concentrates as seamless as smoking dry herb. Pop the cap on any vape cartridge.
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AirVape Bong Adapter

Glass water bong attachment compatible with AirVape X and Legacy vapes. Includes both adapter and compact water bong. The attachment is compatible to work with AirVape and various water pipes. Adapter also sold separately.
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Vapor Slide

Pop your vape cartridge into the Vapor Slide battery. Place into the down-stem or female piece of your bong.
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G Pen Connect

Turns any water pipe with a glass-to-glass connection into a powerful e-rig. The palm-sized G Pen Connect uses a ceramic heating element which evenly heats solid concentrate for max flavor.
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How to Vape through a Bong?

While water pipe attachments can have vastly different designs, they essentially all work the same way.

The vape attachment usually connects to the mouthpiece of the vaporizer or vape cartridge at one end. The other end connects directly to the down-stem or female piece of your rig at the other end.

Instead of inhaling through the mouthpiece of your vape, you’ll instead take a draw through the mouthpiece of your bong. If you’re using a push-button vape, press and hold as for the length of your inhale.

DabCap vape-to-rig adapter
Taking rips from a bong using a Vessel vape pen with a DabCap.

While some attachments are simply adapters to hook up your vape to your glass, some of the other vape-to-rig options include full vaporizer kits (meaning they include a battery or heating element).

For example, the Vapor Slide is an actual vape battery that adapts your vape oil cartridges to be used with your bong.

The G Pen Connect Vape-to-Rig system is also battery-powered and uses a ceramic heating chamber for vaping your waxy extracts through your bong or any other glass rig.

gpen connect dab rig vape
G Pen Connect attaches directly to your bong for vaping extracts.

AirVape offers both a compact glass bong and an attachment that are compatible with their AirVape X and Legacy dry herb vapes. The AirVape adapter allows you to use AirVape vaporizers with other glass water pipes as well.

On the other hand, a cheap solution like the DabCap is just an adapter that pairs with your vape cartridges or other narrow-mouthpiece vape. The DabCap itself is not actually a vaporizer. The DabCap isn’t just for 510-threaded cartridges though – it’s also compatible with popular pod vapes like the PAX Era.

DabCap vape-to-rig adapter
DabCap attachment allows you to use your vape pen with a bong.

DabCap Vape-to-Rig Adapter

Available at
The first ever vape-to-rig adapter. Made with 100% pure medical-grade silicone, this revolutionary tool solves dabbing on glass. DabCap makes smoking concentrates as seamless as smoking dry herb. Pop the cap on any vape cartridge.

And if you want to get really creative with vaping dry herb through a bong, you can use a vape like the DynaVap paired with a DabCap. The DynaVap is made to vape dry herb by heating the metal cap with a butane torch. That DynaVap fits snuggly into the rubber DabCap. Because the DynaVap does such an excellent job at transferring flavor, this is one of the cleanest ways to enjoy vaporizing your weed with a bong.

vaping flower through bong with dabcap and dynavap
Vaping dry herb through a water pipe using the DynaVap with DabCap.

While there’s no substitute for dabbing or a fat bong rip, these vape-to-bong options provide the best vaping experience from your cannabis waxes, oil cartridges, and flower than ever before.

And at such low costs, just one of these vape accessories will provide years of enjoyment and a great addition to your vaping arsenal.

For additional water pipe attachment options, check out Vapor’s article on best vaporizers with water pipe attachments which includes some of the products mentioned here and more.

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