Zeus Iceborn air cooler

Zeus Iceborn Vape Air Cooling System

Want smoother, flavorful hits without the irritation?

When compared to combustable methods of smoking, most people will agree vaping is easier on the lungs and throat.

But sometimes, the vapor you inhale can still be too harsh. If you’ve ever scorched your throat or feel the need to cough when you inhale, your enjoyment of your tasty cannabis goes out the window. That’s where the the Zeus Iceborn is the game changer.

The Iceborn is a revolutionary vape accessory that enhances the quality of your vape sessions. The Iceborn is an air cooling system that chills your vapors by filtering through ice-cooled air. The significantly cooled vapor allows for bigger clouds, noticeably smoother and flavorful inhales with each puff.

The Canadian-based online retailer TVape was kind enough to provide us with a sample Zeus Iceborn.

What’s Included

  • 1 x Iceborn chamber
  • rubber washers
  • aluminum tubes
  • 1 x input hose
  • 2 x whips (large and small hoses)
  • 1 x plastic mouthpiece

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: 4.33″ wide x 3.38″ tall
  • Weight: 7.86 oz.
  • Materials: silicone, food grade plastic, aluminum
  • Compatibility: works with any 6.5 mm to 11 mm diameter mouthpiece

How to Use

The Iceborn is incredibly easy to setup and use. It has a few high quality parts that are easily assembled and disassembled for hassle free maintenance.

First, assemble the Zeus Iceborn chamber. Fill the chamber with clean water up to the marked fill lines. Then set the chamber in the freezer for a few hours until the water is completely frozen.

Zeus IceBorn

Zeus IceBorn with Ice

When ready to use, attach the included input and output hoses. Connect your favorite vape and inhale through the mouthpiece. After your session, disconnect the hoses and store the Iceborn back in the fridge between uses.

Our Experience

The Iceborn is a fun vape accessory and definitely enhances the vaping experience. Vaping from the long whip (aka silicone hose) resembles the feeling of smoking hookah. It’s nice to sit back, relax and take air cooled puff after puff until you’re nicely medicated.

The Iceborn doesn’t exactly bring out “more” flavor from your cannabis. However, breathing in ice cold vapors with every puff does allow satisfyingly bigger, smoother clouds. Ice-cooling also seems to retain some of the flavors that are lost with traditional water filtration methods like bongs and waterpipes.

Zeus Iceborn with dry herb vaporizer

We tried the Iceborn with several vapes for a well rounded experience. First we tried hooking it up to a few cartridges. We started with a Gold Drop Strawberry Lemonade cartridge which was fantastic! It was like sipping an ice cold lemonade.

Then we looked for a dry herb vape with a narrow mouthpiece that would fit the silicone whips. We turned to the Flytlab Lift vaporizer. We were able to crank the Lift vape up to the highest settings for the largest clouds without irritation. We even tried connecting the Iceborn to the glass dome on the Clout Oozi Clip vape pen. The Iceborn continued to deliver spectacular ice cold hits across the board.

Price & Where to Buy

The Zeus Iceborn is currently on sale for $39.99 USD (originally $69.99) through the online retailer TVape.

Buy the Zeus Iceborn

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