V2 PRO Series 7 Combo Vape

V2 PRO Series 7 Combo Vaporizer

Whether you’re into e-liquids and oils, dry herbs or other cannabis concentrates, the V2 PRO Series 7 combo vaporizer has you covered.

Easily switch between concentrates and vape materials without headache using V2’s interchangeable, magnetic and thread-less cartridges with auto-detecting temp settings.

This vape has a slim design that fits right in your pocket, has excellent battery life and is incredibly versatile to cater to all your vaping preferences.

Design & Features

The V2 PRO Series 7 vaporizer is a 3-in-1, combo vape compatible with e-liquids, wax and loose leaf flower (dry herb). The PRO Series 7 is a unique vaporizer in that it uses interchangeable cartridges depending on the type of material to vape. Each cartridge has a small icon that denotes the type of vape materials that it accepts.

The magnetic cartridges easily pop in and out of the vape battery eliminating the need for threading. Finding the optimal temperature is a brainless task as this vaporizer will auto-adjust to the correct voltage setting for the appropriate cartridge. Switching between your waxes, flowers, and oils has never been easier with a single vape.

The PRO Series 7 vape is equipped with a large capacity 1800 mAh battery which is rechargeable by USB connection and reaches full charge in about an hour. The Series 7 vaporizer kit includes both USB charging cable and a wall charger which is convenient (most vaporizers don’t include wall chargers). The magnet connecting cable that attaches to the bottom of the vape makes connecting/disconnecting a cinch.

While in use, the battery detects the optimal temperature settings based on the loaded cartridge, but also allows you to cycle through 3 different temperature settings from low to high.

Note that the vape includes two cartridges for e-liquids / oils and loose leaf, but the wax cartridge is sold separately. Replacement parts such as mouthpieces and cleaning tools are also available.

V2 PRO Series 7 vape is available in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Stainless Steel

Our Experience

We’re not big fans of vaping e-liquids as far as nicotine oils and e-juice goes, as we’re pretty much all about vaping cannabis oils and other cannabis concentrates. However, V2 was kind enough to provide some Cola e-liquid along with the V2 PRO Series 7 sample unit so we could fully experience the vaporizers range of vaping abilities.

We first tried the Cola oil using their e-liquid cartridge. We popped that sucker in and enjoyed some satisfying cola vapors without having to tinker with voltage or temperature settings.

Next we tried the cartridge for vaping loose leaf flowers. We loaded the sizable cartridge with some well ground up herb. The cartridge holds a decent amount of herb – enough to get someone with a average to high end tolerance a pretty nice buzz in one session.

Without having to mess with volt and temp settings again, we swapped out the e-liquid cartridge for the flower cartridge and were amazed by the simplicity. Again, the Series 7 vape automatically adjusted to the optimal settings for the new cartridge – wow that’s a piece of a cake. The temp proved to be perfect for vaping the dry herbs and we inhaled an excellent amount of vapor in one session. Such a fine vape for dry herbs considering it’s also a 3-in-1 device. Well played V2, well played!

Finally, we tried the additional wax cartridge in several sessions. First we loaded it with some yummy cannabis oil provided by Angel City THC. If you haven’t tried pre-filled syringes before, they are the way to go – no dab tool required, zero mess and easy to measure out your preferred dosage.

Then we tried some hemp CBD crumble for the first time provided by Cloud N9ne. Vaping waxes out of the PRO Series 7 was a good experience, but wouldn’t say the best for concentrates. The flat , single coil heats fast, but doesn’t bring out the best in concentrate flavors. It would be nice to see V2 come out with different atomizer options for the wax cartridge and preferably a convection style atomizer. As for e-liquids and dry herb however, this vape was great.

Interchangeable Cartridges

We love the ease and simplicity of being able to so effortlessly switch between vaping methods and materials. It’s super easy to switch between vaping e-juice with one cartridge, then swapping in another cartridge to vape ground up dry herbs.

At first, the idea of carrying around multiple cartridges was a turn off, but it actually makes the process smooth without any mess or complications. The cartridges are also kind of bulky, but they performed flawlessly. Check out all of the Series 7 compatible cartridges.

One of our favorite 3-in-1 or combo vapes similar to the V2 PRO Series 7 is the Blackout X PREM31ER combo vape. The Blackout X combo pen can switch between wax and dry herb, but not as easily as the Series 7 because of the swappable cartridges. With the PREM31R vape, you have to drop a metal can into the heating chamber for wax/oils and fetch it out with tweezers when you’re done. V2 designed their cartridges to be threadless and hassle free.

If you aren’t worried about pinching pennies, check out the Haze Dual combo vape. The Haze Dual is an excellent 3-in-1 vape option. It’s the first vape we’ve ever seen that has two chambers which heat independently. This allows you two pre-load two different types of cannabis materials so you can alternate between wax and flower in one session.

Excellent Battery Life

The V2 PRO has proven its excellent battery life as we carried it around with us for a week. Constantly switching between some delicious Cola e-juice and dry herbs, we had several days worth of puffing on this vape before the power finally ran out. The only other downsider with this vape is that there’s no battery level indicator so it came as a surprise when the vape just cutout right after packing a fresh bowl of herbs.

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: 1.34″ x 5.08″
  • Weight: 4.20 oz.
  • Battery size: 1800 mAh
  • e-liquid cartridge capacity: 2.5ml (about 1200 puffs)
  • Loose leaf cartridge: 1300 cubic mm (12 sessions per charge)

What’s Included

  • 1 x vape device
  • 1 x e-liquid cartridge
  • 1 x loose leaf cartridge
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 1 x wall adapter
  • 1 x pack of replacement screens
  • 1 x cleaning brush

The wax cartridge is not included. You can purchase the PRO Series 7 wax cartridge separately from the V2 website.

How to Use

The V2 PRO Series 7 vape comes with very clear and detailed instructions. The instructions may seem long at first, but it’s actually quite easy to get the hang of using this vape.

Basic Usage

First decide on the type of material you want to vape and simply pop in the respective cartridge. The vape handles all the guess work as far as volt and temp settings so just click the power button 3 times to activate the device (power on). Quickly press the power button two times to enable variable voltage mode to switch between low, medium, or high heat.

Vaping loose leaf and dry herb flowers

Twist off the plastic mouthpiece on the loose leaf cartridge then place one of the tiny metal screens (pack of screens are included) to sit at the bottom of the cartridge’s chamber. Pack about half a gram of ground up herb into the chamber then reattach the mouthpiece. While the device is in active mode (powered on), hold down the power button for about 5-seconds. The vape will light up red at the bottom which indicates the vape is heating up. When it reaches the optimal temp, the light will change green for go!

Vaping wax, oils & e-liquids

Whether you use the included e-liquid cartridge or separate wax cartridge, the operation is the same. Remove the mouthpiece, fill up the appropriate cartridge and simply pop it into the battery. While in active mode, press and hold down the power button for the length of your inhale. The device heats up instantly producing nice vapors.

Final Thoughts

If you like to switch between flowers and different cannabis concentrates, then you’ll surely get a kick out of the PRO Series 7 vaporizer. This combo vape performs surprisingly well for vaping flowers and e-liquids. If you’re a hardcore fan of concentrates, you might want to look for a vape designed specifically for concentrates, but don’t count this vape out as it’s definitely worth the price for its high level performance.

Price and Where to Buy

The V2 PRO Series 7 retails for $149 USD directly through the V2 website which includes FREE shipping. V2 ships within the US as well as internationally.

Don’t forget to use the promo code “CANNABISVAPES” for an additional 10% off your order (discount applies storewide).

Check the full line of V2 vaporizers. You may also be interested in these combo vaporizers designed for flower and concentrates: Haze Dual V3 and Blackout X PREM31R.

V2 PRO Series 7 Combo Vape






Vape draw


Ease of use









  • Nice packaging
  • Feels like a quality vape
  • Includes interchangeable cartridges
  • Extremely versatile 3-in-1
  • Long lasting battery
  • Charges within an hour
  • Great price point for combo pen
  • Auto voltage adjustment
  • Variable volt control
  • Includes USB + wall charger


  • Bulky cartridges
  • Slightly awkward shape

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