Source Vapes Slim 4 Wax Vaporizer Travel Kit

Source Vapes – Slim 4 Vaporizer

Source Vapes is a vape company that prides them self on innovative designs and constructing vaporizers out of the highest grade, lab-tested materials.

After having positive experiences with the Source Vapes Orb wax pen review, we were curious to see how Source’s Slim 4 vaporizer would hold up.

The Slim 4 vape was designed to vaporize waxes and thick cannabis concentrates.

Its polished, gunmetal gray, stainless steel body make it one sexy, handheld vaporizer… and also a fingerprint magnet!

The Source Vapes Slim 4 does an excellent job of transferring flavor and has the best airflow control on any wax pen we’ve tried so far.

What’s Included

The Source Vapes Slim 4 vape travel kit includes the following:

  • 1x Slim 4 attachment
  • 1x Volt mini battery
  • 1x micro USB-charging cable
  • 1x Dab tool
  • 1x Cleaning cloth
  • 1x Large travel case
  • 1x 4 Series quartz double coil atomizer
  • 1x 4 Series quartz coil-less atomizer

Design & Features

According to Source Vapes, they are the only company with USA Lab-Certified test for purity, displayed for each of their vapes and atomizers.

The Source Vape Slim 4 is designed to be cross-compatible with their larger vape, SOURCE orb XL as well as SOURCE nail Portable eNail. There are a whopping 9 different atomizers available to use across all the Source Vapes 4 series vaporizers.

Additional atomizers can be purchased separately. Find more atomizers directly through Source Vapes.

Standard Features:

  • Variable airflow system (5 settings)
  • Variable volt settings (3 settings)
  • Deep dish atomizers
  • Built-in silicone container stash compartment
  • Easily interchangeable threaded atomizers
  • Quartz coil-less atomizer with removable bucket
  • Compatible with over 9 different 4 Series atomizers
  • 510 threaded

Source Vapes Slim 4 Concentrate Vaporizer

The Slim 4 has a hidden stash compartment that unscrews at the bottom of the vape battery. Keep your wax concentrates handy while you’re on the run.Source Vapes Slim 4 silicone container

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: 4.7″ tall
  • Weight: unknown
  • Battery capacity: 650 mAh
  • Materials: Stainless steel 303 body, Grade 1 titanium coil-less
  • Volts: uknown

How to Use

Operation of the Slim 4 is very straight forward.

Choose your desired atomizer and screw it into the Slim 4 attachment.

Source Vapes Slim 4 Concentrate Vaporizer

Then screw the attachment into the threaded base of the battery.

Drop in a small dab of your favorite wax onto the coils or into the quartz bucket. Then pop on the cap to create a tight seal.

Source Vapes Slim 4 wax vape

Use five rapid clicks of the button on the face of the battery to power on/off and three rapid clicks to cycle through each of the three volt settings.

Volt settings are indicated by the button’s color coded light:

  • Low voltage = green
  • Medium voltage = blue
  • Red voltage = high

Press and hold down the power button for the duration of each inhale.

Our Experience

We first tested out the Slim 4 vape using the quartz coil-less atomizer and some tasty Legion of Bloom rosin.

The Slim 4 did an excellent job in transferring the clean crisp taste of that rosin.

While the quartz coil-less atomizer doesn’t deliver the largest rips, it does produce a consistently clean taste. To get the best vapor draws, hold down the power button for a few seconds to pre-heat the quartz cup, then take several 3-5 second draws instead of one huge, long rip.

When using the dual titanium coil, we were able to get fatter rips. The issue we had with this pen is that it takes a while to pre-heat the coils. If you take too many rips in a row, you’ll get large amounts of vapor but the wax concentrate can begin to lose its flavor and become somewhat harsh.

You will immediately notice that the Slim 4 has some of the most incredible airflow of any wax vape pen.

The only draw back is that the airflow control dial can be difficult to adjust. Because of its polished steel finish, the dial can be hard to grip, especially if you have moisturized or greasy hands. Fortunately, once you find the airflow you’re happy with, you can set it and forget it.

Final Thoughts

At under $90, the Source Vapes Slim 4 Travel kit is good deal.

The Slim 4 for vaporizer offers two great atomizer options to suit your taste, one slick looking battery, and a handy hidden stash compartment built right into the vape, to hold your cannabis extracts.

The included hard case is also a nice touch. With a vape made of quality materials like the Slim 4 and backed by a life-time warranty, you can’t go wrong.

Price & Where to Buy

Slim 4 Vaporizer Travel Kit is available for $89.95 directly through Vapor Nation.

Every Source Vapes battery and attachment product is backed by a Lifetime No-Hassle Warranty.

You can buy replacement atomizers separately, sold directly from Source Vapes.

Be sure to also check out our review on Source Orb 4 Vaporizer. Source Vapes has a great selection of quality built vape products and accessories. They come out with new atomizer designs quite often as they are constantly improving.

Source Vapes Slim 4 Wax Pen




Vapor Quality







  • Includes protective case
  • Quality materials
  • Stash compartment
  • Large battery
  • Excellent airflow
  • Sleek design
  • Great price point


  • Heavier than most vape pens
  • Thicker than most vape pens
  • Finger print magnet
  • Coils heat slowly

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