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6/10/2021 Update
UPDATE: Review updated to include the Vessel Notch Wallet and Ridge charging dock designed specifically for the Compass vape.

The Compass, by the Vessel brand, is a luxurious palm-sized cannabis oil vaporizer. Vessel vapes are well known for their stylish and high-performance vaporizers and accessories.

Not only is the Compass vape aesthetically pleasing, but it also features massive airflow, cartridge swivel ability, variable volt presets, and a high-capacity battery.

We previously reviewed some Vessel vape pens when the Vessel brand first launched. We were initially blown away by their stylish designs and attention to detail in craftsmanship. Vessel continues to set the bar in terms of form and function with sexy styles using real wood-grain textures and high-performance ergonomic designs. With this in mind, we came into the Compass review with high expectations – it did not fail to deliver!

Vessel Compass
Luxury, high-performing vapes for 510-threaded cannabis oil cartridges.
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What’s Included

  • 1x vape battery
  • 1x micro USB-C charging cable
  • 1x quick start guide and warranty

Design & Features

  • Small and compact design that fits right in the palm of your hand
  • Maximum airflow design
  • Available in many styles/colors
  • Compatible with most 510-threaded vapes
  • Large capacity battery rated at 550 mAh
  • Large control button that can’t be missed
  • Four different voltage settings
  • Micro USB-C charging port and connections for a charging dock
  • Auto-shutoff after 15 minutes of inactivity
  • LED battery life indicator
  • Overuse and overcharge protection
  • Swivel base to adjust position of mouthpiece

Tech Specs

Dimensions2.625″ L x 1.625″ W x 0.75″ D
Weight55 grams
Battery550 mAh capacity; USB-C charging (optional charging dock)
Temperature SettingsVoltage presets: 2.4V, 2.8V, 3.2V, 3.6V (2nd Generation);
Low 2.8V, Medium 3.2V, High 3.6V (1st Generation)
Vessel Compass
Luxury, high-performing vapes for 510-threaded cannabis oil cartridges.
Order directly from

How to Use the Compass

Basic Operation

  • Screw in 510-threaded vape cartridge
  • 5 clicks to power on/off
  • 3 clicks to change to the next voltage setting

Charging the Compass Vape

You can recharge the Compass battery using the included USB-C cable.

Alternatively, Vessel also offers the Vessel Ridge charging dock designed specifically for the Compass vape.

Our Experience

The Compass is great because of its sleek, stylish design, great airflow, large battery, and the ergonomic feel in your hand.

The large button on the face of the battery is impossible to miss and makes operation as simple as can be. The low-profile LED light indicator displays the color coded volt setting as well as remaining battery life. The batteries design allows for massive airflow and lasts a long time with a 550 mAh storage capacity.

In contrast to the traditional vape pen which has a long-shaped profile, the Compass is instead, a compact rounded-square, which makes it easily concealable and fits easily in your pocket.

Because of its variable voltage presets, the Compass works well with different cannabis oils of various viscosities. The 1st generation of Compass batteries included three presets while the 2nd generation now has four presets with an additional low setting. This wider arrange allows you to find the perfect temperature or volt setting for your specific cannabis extract without burning the oil. The lowest volt settings works well for vaping e-liquid CBD isolates which are very thin oils and burn easily.

We tested out the compass using some of the industry’s best vape cartridges, the CCELL TH2 vape cartridges, and pre-filled them with some CBD e-liquids from HempBombs and Krypted CBD.

While the medium volt settings work well for most cannabis oils with a thicker viscosity, the pure CBD oils that we tried vaped best at the lowest and 2nd lowest settings and produced some tasty and satisfyingly full vapor clouds.

We also got to vape some tasty CBD cartridges from Dr. Dabber CBD. These worked like a charm with the Compass battery. This is a nice combo because you can dial in the right volt setting and use the adjustable flow control that built into the Dr. Dabber cartridges hardware.

The only thing missing from this vape is a preheat function. But to get around this, you can vape your oil at a higher volt setting for a few seconds to warm up the oil. Then switch to a lower volt setting for optimal vapor production.

Vessel Compass with the Scout protective case

To go along with your Compass vape, Vessel also offers some nice, well-made protective cases. Here you can see the Scout protective case in the Olive color style. The Scout case designed specifically for holding the Compass vape with one loaded cartridge and an extra storage space for two additional vape cartridges.

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Price & Where to Buy Vessel Compass

Vessel Compass oil vapes are available for $59 directly through the Vessel brand or at authorized retailer Vape Parts Mart.

Vessel Compass

Order directly from
Luxury, high-performing vapes for 510-threaded cannabis oil cartridges.

Available in many styles and colors including gun metal grey, gold, black/white, and many more.

Warranty Information – 6-month limited warranty

Payment Plan – If you buy directly through Vessel, they offer interest-free payment plans to make their product more affordable.

Vessel Compass Accessories

Order a Scout protective case designed specifically for carrying the Compass and two additional cartridges.

Vessel recently launched the Notch wallet which is a simple, foldable leather wallet for carrying your Compass device and one additional cartridge.

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Additional Product Photos

Vessel Compass Oil Vape






Vapor Quality





  • Amazing looking styles
  • Simple operation
  • Compact and ergonmic design
  • USB-C and dock charging
  • Wide range of volt presets
  • Great airflow
  • Long-lasting battery


  • No pre-heat feature


Jesse is the founder at Cannabis Vape Reviews. Having worked in the cannabis industry for several years, he helped manage one of the leading tech-based cannabis delivery services in Los Angeles and is a vaporizer enthusiast.

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