Cannabis Tolerance and Biphasic Properties of CBD

Used for medicinal as well as recreational purposes, cannabis is consumed in a variety of ways. Some methods include smoking it in the form of a joint, vaping cannabis oils, dabbing concentrates, as well as ingesting it in the form of sublingual tinctures and edibles. Regardless of the method ...

Top 5 Cannabis Vaporizer Manufacturers in 2020

Over the last few years, the competition in the vape market has become fierce. Many new brands have emerged, trying to outshine each other as the best vape on the marketing. As a result, the industry is becoming crowded, and choosing the right brand or type of vaporizer has never been more ...

How Online Vape Sales Jump during Pandemic

You might think that the unprecedented spread of COVID-19, as well as its anticipated lethal nature, should have been enough to halt non-essential cannabis businesses. But the facts are quite the opposite. Even the fear of imminent death couldn’t hold people back from vaping cannabis. Maybe ...

Performance Enhancing Benefits of Vaping Cannabis

Masses are consuming cannabis to enhance their day to day performance. But is it actually beneficial? The opinions are somewhat contrasting. While many people may relate the idea of cannabis to just getting stoned, they're missing out on a whole set of upsides to using cannabis. A lot of ...

Vaping Cannabis 101

Smoking your cannabis is entirely different from vaping it. There are so many more options for vaping cannabis versus smoking it. From vaping methods to cannabis extracts and endless vape tech, there's lots to familiarize yourself with. So let's dive in! Vaping is an excellent way ...

Cannabis Vape Reviews