Vaping Cannabis 101

Smoking your cannabis is entirely different from vaping it. There are so many more options for vaping cannabis versus smoking it. From vaping methods to cannabis extracts and endless vape tech, there's lots to familiarize yourself with. So let's dive in! Vaping is an excellent way ...

Step-by-step Guide to Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers have totally changed the way we enjoy cannabis. They offer a powerful and reliable option without the health risks that come with smoking. A dry herb vaporizer is ideal for use with solid herbs that you grind down. Some vaporizers are dual use so you can use it for both dry ...

Benefits of Using Vape Pod Systems

Vape pod systems or “pod vaporizers” are a new class of ultra-portable, advanced cannabis vaporizers. Instead of using threaded vape cartridges (or tanks), traditionally used by most vape pens and batteries, this new class of vaporizer uses proprietary pod refills. Pod vaping systems are ...

Benefits of CBD for Cancer Patients

Being a cancer patient is one of the most distressing scenarios in the modern world. Even after all the medical advancements and the research work, the cure for cancer is still unknown. Cancer often leads to tireless suffering and in many cases, it leads to fatality. There are various kinds of ...

Smoking Versus Vaping: What’s the difference?

So you may be wondering what’s the difference between vaping and smoking cannabis? Does it matter which method I choose to consume cannabis? Smoking weed versus vaping it will have different effects, but the experience can also vary depending on how you vape. The temperature, type of cannabis ...

Holiday Gift Ideas for Cannabis Lovers

With the major holiday shopping season behind us, there's still time to grab some gifts before ringing in the new year. We’ve put together this 2017 holiday gift guide which lists some of the top vapes and accessories for that special green-friendly someone in your life! Dry Herb Vaporizers ...

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