Performance Enhancing Benefits of Vaping Cannabis

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Masses are consuming cannabis to enhance their day to day performance. But is it actually beneficial? The opinions are somewhat contrasting.

While many people may relate the idea of cannabis to just getting stoned, they’re missing out on a whole set of upsides to using cannabis. A lot of people claim that cannabis boosts their productivity, recovery from injury, and enjoyment of activities while many disagree. So, which school of thought is correct? It depends mainly on how you are consuming cannabis and how your body’s unique brain chemistry reacts to it.

Let’s explore how vaping cannabis can actually boost your day-to-day performance.

How Cannabis Interacts with the Brain

To understand the potential benefits of cannabis, we must look into how the brain interacts with cannabis. There are hundreds of active ingredients in cannabis that interact with the body and brain. Some of these compounds, like cannabinoids, interact with cannabinoid receptors in the brain to decelerate brain activity. These interactions can positively affect cannabinoid receptors in the brain, causing feelings of relief and calmness. [1]

Some cannabis vapes, like the dose pen from dosist (formerly branded as hmbldt brand), are formulated with balanced ratios of cannabinoids and terpenes, specifically for relief and pain. These sort of metered dosage pen allows precise and consist cannabis dosing for a specific condition.

Dosist dose pen formulated for relief from cannabis

A compound known as THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is mainly responsible for the “high” feeling. But the strength and duration of it further depends on the concentration of THC in the plant.

Performance-Enhancing Benefits of Cannabis

Not so long ago, people used to despise the very thought of cannabis, but gradually, the public views are changing. That’s because researchers have just discovered some mind-boggling, performance-enhancing benefits of cannabis. When a person consumes cannabis, it can produce an effect similar to the “runner’s high.” It also stimulates feelings similar to happiness-causing hormones such as endorphins, which reduces stress, keeps the individual motivated, and helps with recovery. [2]

This is the main reason why cannabis has made its way to the sports industry. Many athletes have claimed that cannabis use helps them stay focused, accelerates recovery, and can make their workouts more enjoyable. Moreover, cannabis has known anti-inflammatory properties that help one to keep exercising for longer durations and helps recover faster.

However, it is important to note that the effects of cannabis can vary from person to person. Everyone’s brain chemistry is unique and the body’s response to cannabis can vary. Other factors can also alter the effects of cannabis such as method of consumption (vaping versus smoking or ingestion), quality of the cannabis and the type of cannabis strain to name a few.

Vaping Cannabis Benefits

Vaporizers are rapidly replacing traditional smoking methods because of their unrivaled benefits, especially when vaping cannabis.

Here are few benefits of vaping cannabis:

Cannabis Effects on Your Stamina

Your body and organs need oxygen-rich blood to work properly. But smoking can introduce hundreds of harmful toxins, chemicals, and carcinogens into your body. They displace oxygen and prevent normal circulation throughout the body. As a result, smoking can lead to heavy and labored breathing which can also lead to tiredness and mental fatigue.

Most vaporizers heat cannabis by conduction heating (where the heating element is directly in contact with the cannabis) or convection heating (hot air warms the herbs). Both methods draw out the terpenes and cannabinoids by warming the herbs just enough to extract the potent vapors only. The resulting vapor is mostly devoid of harmful toxins and chemicals and arguably healthier for the lungs.

The quality of the vaporizer also matters. Substandard plastics, glues, and metals can melt and release fumes that may be toxic. To avoid that, invest in quality vaporizers which you easily find by reading our cannabis vaporizer reviews or shopping from online are retailers such as Mind Vapes. This site is dedicated to providing high-quality and reliable products for all types of vape users.

Cannabis for Instant Relief

Orally consuming cannabis or eating edibles takes a good deal of time to react with your body. But with vaping, you can feel the effects immediately. That’s because vaporized cannabis gets absorbed into the bloodstream rapidly while ingesting cannabis takes longer for your body to process. However, edibles are a great alternative to smoking or vaping, if you prefer not to avoid inhalation methods.

Vaping cannabis is great as you can feel the emotional or physical relief benefits immediately. There is also a large range of cannabis products that you can vape. Dry herb vapes will produce a slightly different effect than if you were to vape concentrated THC oils and extracts. Cannabis concentrates can be extremely potent and more economical. You will have to experiment with your cannabis to find which gives you the best performance enhancing benefits.

It Doesn’t Have Many Side Effects

Vaping cannabis might not be completely risk-free but one thing is for sure; it doesn’t have as many side effects as other methods of consumption. The risks only emerge with repeated exposure to high dosages for long periods or when heavy smoking starts to cause respiratory issues. Other than that, vaping cannabis is generally considered safe for short term use. With few downsides and positive boosts to your performance, cannabis can be a great alternative therapy to help you perform better with your workouts and day-to-day activities.

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