Smoking Versus Vaping: What’s the difference?

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So you may be wondering what’s the difference between vaping and smoking cannabis? Does it matter which method I choose to consume cannabis?

Smoking weed versus vaping it will have different effects, but the experience can also vary depending on how you vape. The temperature, type of cannabis extract, and the type of vaping all play a role in affecting the vape experience.

Vaping has Different Effects than Smoking Cannabis

Vaping cannabis can feel vastly different than smoking cannabis (combustion), but many factors will affect your experience.

advancements in vape technology and cannabis extractions allow for alternative methods of consuming cannabis at concentrations that can absolutely get you really, really high.

The short answer: Vaping typically feels easier on the throat and lungs as vapor is much lighter, cooler, and smoother than smoke. Cannabis vapor also tends to leave behind less of an aftertaste and virtually no smell once the vapor has fully dissipated. As for the psychological effects, smoking flower/buds can often produce a much “harder hitting” high effect. Although, advancements in vape technology and cannabis extractions allow for alternative methods of consuming cannabis at concentrations that can absolutely get you really, really high.

510 threaded vape pen battery

Cannabis Vaping Methods Matter Too

Smoking cannabis burns plant materials that can irritate the throat and lungs. Because the natural plant materials are still intact with raw flower, you’ll benefit from inhaling the full spectrum of your cannabis (cannabinoids and terpenes), but you’ll be inhaling burnt plant material (non-beneficial and inactive compounds) along with it. The full spectrum of active compounds and different cannabis strains, and terpene profiles will produce both different psychological effects and physical sensations on the body when compared to vaping.

A quality vaporizer, however, which has the ability to evenly heat cannabis at precisely controlled temperatures will be provide the most benefits.

To further complicate the “which is better, smoking or vaping debate?” you have to also consider the large variety of vaporizer devices and vaping methods for cannabis.

There’s too many to name here, but to give you an idea of the types of vaping options available, here are a few: dry herb vapes, wax vape pens, basic 510-threaded vape pens that use pre-filled cannabis oil vape cartridges, and a more esoteric method / sub-culture of vaping called dabbing which involves super potent, cannabis concentrates and cannabis extracts.

How Active Plant Compounds Play a Role

There are over 80 cannabinoids and varying terpene profiles (depending on strain and quality) that also play a role in the cannabis effect you will feel. Each of these molecules has a unique boiling point. Vaping will allow you to take full advantage of this, allowing more control over your experience.

Boiling points of terpenes and cannabinoids

Most 510-threaded style vape pens and cheap batteries will usually have the ability to adjust the volt setting using three or more built-in presets. Meanwhile, more advanced vapes (like the Dr. Dabbber Switch, AirVape Legacy, or G Pen Elite dry herb vaporizers) allow temperature control to the exact degree.

G Pen Elite LCD screen and exact temperature control
Advanced dry herb vaporizers with temperature control.

This will also effect the high feeling as well as the smoothness on the throat and lungs. The feeling of smoking cannabis is dependent on the strain, while the feeling of vaping can vary wildly based on these factors.

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