Top 12 Cannabis Business Directories In 2020

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The growing cannabis market runs on synergy: Cultivators support retailers. Marketers support product makers. Cannabis payment processors support the whole infrastructure. But whether you need an agency that specializes in cannabis SEO, a reliable edibles chef, or just a place to advertise your own weed-friendly services, the right cannabis business directory can make your life a whole lot easier.

1. Ganjapreneur

Ganjapreneur is more than a business directory. It’s a full-fledged networking, news, and educational portal for cannabis entrepreneurs. It’s among the most trusted resources for up-to-date cannabis industry information.

  • The comprehensive business directory connects entrepreneurs of all stripes, including cultivation equipment providers, marketing agencies, angel investors, attorneys, and even real estate specialists.
  • Businesses can be filtered by keyword and location, so it’s easy to find just what you’re looking for.
  • The site offers up-to-the-minute news for cannabis entrepreneurs as well as podcasts, job listings, and industry resources. These resources are updated daily, and news can be filtered by region or topic.
  • It’s among the costlier directories to join. A featured listing is $1,950 per year; a basic listing is $650 per year. However, Ganjapreneur is one of the highest-traffic cannabis directories available, so it can be worth the investment.

2. Medical Jane

Medical Jane caters to the medicinal market and serves as a resource for both patients and businesses. In addition to its large directory, the site includes a wealth of free educational resources for medical marijuana patients and anyone interested in learning about the clinical applications of cannabis.

  • The business directory connects businesses with physicians and other industry professionals.
  • Directory listings are divided between industry professionals, cannabis companies, and cannabis events.
  • This one is free to join; just register your name and email address and submit your business information.

3. Cannabis Business Executive

Cannabis Business Executive (CBE) has one specific focus: connecting cannabis business owners with ancillary product and service providers. Their homepage contains all of the latest industry news, but their directory is what they’re really known for.

  • The directory includes listings for cannabis-specific accountants, banks, product manufacturers, extraction equipment providers, security solutions, media publishers, and more.
  • The site makes it easy to add your own listing. Just click the “Submit a listing” button and fill out the form. The whole process takes just a few minutes.
  • The directory includes a unique “Industry Women” section that makes it easy to connect with women-owned businesses.
  • Basic listings are free; featured and spotlight listings start at $495 per year.

4. CBD & Cannabis Business Exchange (CBX)

The Cannabis Business Exchange is aimed at bolstering cannabis, CBD, and hemp wholesalers and retailers. Their stated mission is to “actively improve online visibility and brand reputation” for cannabis- and CBD-focused businesses.

  • The directory includes all of the standard categories but also places a greater emphasis on CBD businesses than most other directories; there are specific categories for CBD oil distributors, CBD wholesalers, CBD franchises, CBD vaporizer brands, and more.
  • Directory search is simple; just enter your keyword and location, and click “Search” to see a list of all relevant businesses in your area.
  • Basic monthly plans start at just $20 for business listings. They offer a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

5. THCbiz

THCbiz, much like Medical Jane, is a cannabis business directory with a medical focus. Aside from a few press listings on the homepage, the site is largely directory-focused, with little to distract visitors from the vast selection of business listings.

  • Directory listings include professional services, product manufacturers, legal services, dispensary resources, and cannabis software solutions (like point-of-sale providers).
  • Filter searches by category, or insert a keyword to see a list of relevant businesses.
  • A new basic listing costs just $99 per year and positions your business beside some of the top enterprises in the medical cannabis space. There’s also a Starter Plan for $42 per month, a Professional Plan for $149 per month, and an Industry Leader plan for $249 per month.

6. National Cannabis Industry Association

The National Cannabis Industry Association isn’t a directory in the traditional sense; it’s a trade organization. However, their member directory is massive. By becoming a member, you can reach a wealth of new clients and networking contacts that wouldn’t otherwise find you.

  • The NCIA has over 2,000 member businesses including all types of product manufacturers, cultivators, retailers, wholesalers, and ancillary service providers.
  • Well-known sponsoring members include California NORML, Green Bits, Flowhub, and the aforementioned Ganjapreneur.
  • Regular membership starts at $100 per month, so it isn’t cheap to join their ranks; however, the NCIA is among the top industry trade organizations, and the benefits of membership go beyond directory listings.

7. Excessively

Excessively is a straightforward, no-frills directory that’s easy to navigate and rich with detailed business listings.

  • Listings are divided between ad agencies, consulting firms, hemp and CBD products, medical services and resources, online headshops, and cannabis publications.
  • The directory uses location data to automatically determine your location and customize your search results; you can also customize your search by entering a location manually.
  • A lifetime listing is just $249; an annual listing is $99.

8. Marijuana Business Daily

Marijuana Business Daily has long been a trusted resource for cannabis entrepreneurs and investors, with up-to-the-minute news written by veteran journalists. Their cannabis business directory is an extension of their mission to support business leaders within the industry.

  • The directory contains nearly two dozen categories, including a few oft-neglected niches like testing and lab services, professional training and education, packaging, and consulting services.
  • Business listings are organized by category and then by state, making it easy for prospective contacts to narrow down their options.
  • It’s free to submit your listing, though premium advertising options are also available for a fee.

9. The CBD

The CBD has more cannabidiol-specific business listings than your average directory, but don’t let the name fool you. It also has a wealth of non-CBD-specific listings.

  • The directory is one of the most unique available; traditional businesses are listed in abundance, but there are also categories for conferences, cannabis apparel companies, co-working spaces, delivery services, and even influencers.
  • With more than 50 categories in all, this is one of the most multifaceted directories you’ll find.
  • Basic listings are free and include a featured image and contact information. Premium listings start at $75.

10. USA Cannabis Directory

The USA Cannabis Directory has a unique Yellow-Pages style layout. It’s a bit clunkier to navigate than your average directory, but it’s more printer-friendly and offers unique capabilities like audio dictation and the ability to highlight your favorite listings.

  • Popular categories include accounting, advertising, banking, legal services, and products.
  • Click on a location or category in the virtual booklet to skip ahead to the most relevant section of the directory.
  • A basic listing is just $9 a month or $95 per year. Enhanced listings start at $49 per year.

11. Chronic Startups

Chronic Startups is a straightforward online directory for cannabis businesses. The homepage layout is a bit confusing; you have to click the unassuming “Startups” link to access the main directory, but once you’re inside, the layout is impressive and easy to follow.

  • Though all of the major categories are covered, Chronic Startups places a special emphasis on tech categories, with niches like internet, apps, media, branding, and technology.
  • As with many directories, visitors can search by category and/or city. But unlike many directories, Chronic Startups also lets visitors search by country.
  • It’s free to list your website with no fees or registration required. Just enter your business information into the entry form, and you’re ready to go.

12. Cannapany

Cannapany boasts over 2,000 business listings, with services especially geared toward cannabis investors.

  • Listings are categorized under Agriculture, Consumer Products & Services, Business Products & Services, Information Technology, and Consumer Non-Durables.
  • Each directory listing is accompanied by financial highlights like revenue, gross profit, and enterprise value, giving visitors valuable insights into potential investment opportunities.
  • The site does not currently have a submission form for businesses. Many of the existing listings appear to have been auto-generated. If you wish to submit your unlisted business for consideration, you’ll need to use the company’s contact form.

Other Cannabis Business Directory Providers

If you’re looking to list your business on as many directories as possible, or if you haven’t found the services you’re looking for in the directories above, you might also consider the following honorable mentions:

By showcasing your business in a variety of locations, you’re able to not only maximize your online visibility within the B2B space but also elevate your search engine rankings. That means more sales and a more widely recognized brand. So whether you’re looking for partners or customers, take the time to explore every directory you find.

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Jesse Zesbaugh
Jesse Zesbaugh
2 years ago

Don’t forget New, but slowly growing.

Jame Payne
Jame Payne
2 years ago

I’ve tried different types of CBD oil from the local market. All are not from the reputed company product. I have been searching for a trusty-approved company that provides CBD products. I want to make my money worth buying this CBD product from a reputed company. Thanks for sharing.

1 year ago

I like the article.

If you add then your list would be golden.

With Cannabis Business Regards,


Nelly Drummond
Nelly Drummond
1 year ago

You’re missing High Committee which is the only free cannabis and CBD directory in the UK. We also have an excellent affiliate program, too! <3

1 year ago

Gentleman Toker is also a great directory site, especially for the Washington, DC and close east coast markets.

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