Cannabis Delivery Services to try in SoCal & West Los Angeles (2021)

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Ordering weed is just as easy as ordering pizza these days. Because yes, there’s an app for that.

Did you know that most weed delivery services offer HUGE discounts on your first order?

Why not take advantage of these first-timer freebies while discovering new brands and trying different cannabis products?

Most of delivery services for the Los Angeles area and California have everything on their menu from flower to topicals and edibles, or our favorites of course, vape cartridges.

It’s true that enjoying the convenience of getting your weed delivered usually comes at a premium price – especially if you’re buying from a legit, licensed cannabis dispensary.

Well, don’t sweat it. Fortunately, you can take advantage of these limited, first-time customer deals.

If you’re in sunny southern California or the surrounding area, and you need to make a run to the dispensary anyways, why not give these marijuana delivery a shot?

Here’s a list of some of the hottest Los Angeles and SoCal cannabis delivery services along with discounts:


EMJAY ($0 Delivery Fees)

Delivery Service for Los Angeles

Emjay Delivery

25% off
Discount with code at
NEW delivery service for Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco. Fair prices, $0 delivery fees – Get 25% off your 1st order.
The Good
  • $0 delivery fees
  • 25% off your 1st order
  • Pay dispensary prices
  • Premium brands
  • Fast delivery
The Bad
  • Delivery to Los Angeles and San Diego
  • Not available throughout all of California

Eaze Delivery ($30 off)

Delivery Service for Los Angeles & California

Eaze Delivery – $30 OFF

$30 OFF 1st order
Get $30 OFF your 1st order with Eaze Delivery. Large selection of products, mobile app available on iOS. Serving Los Angeles and major cities in California.
The Good
  • $30 off your 1st order
  • Premium brands
  • Fast delivery
  • Serves all of California
The Bad
  • Small delivery fee

Amuse Delivery (20% OFF)

Delivery Service for Los Angeles & SoCal (and San Francisco)

Amuse Delivery

20% off
Discount applied with code at
Fast delivery service for Los Angeles and expanding to other cities in SoCal. Get quality products from top brands delivered safely to your doorstep. 20% off your 1st order.
amuse cannabis delivery mobile
The Good
  • 15% off your 1st order
  • Premium brands
  • Fast delivery
  • Excellent website
The Bad
  • Small delivery fee
  • Los Angeles and San Francisco only

Nugg Delivery ($20 off)

Delivery Service for Los Angeles & California

Nugg Delivery

$20 OFF 1st order
Get $20 OFF your 1st order with Nugg Delivery. Curated selection of top cannabis brands in Los Angeles.
Tried cannabis delivery? Have a service to recommend? Share your experience by leaving a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weed Delivery (FAQ)

How does ordering marijuana delivery work?

Using a cannabis delivery service typically involves registering an account at the delivery service’s website. You will be asked to upload a government issued ID. Most services will approve your new account within minutes. After approval, you can browse the online menu and start ordering products right away. Payment is usually accepted by credit card online or by payment upon delivery. Once you place an order, you will receive your weed hand-delivered within an hour – Learn more here.

What are the requirements to order weed online?

California state law requires you to be a California resident over the age of 21 for recreational purchases. For medical marijuana, you must be at least 18 with a valid recommendation.

Is ordering cannabis online safe?

Ordering cannabis online has been a common practice for several years now in California. Play it safe by only ordering from licensed cannabis retailers/distributors. These companies follow strict privacy practices, sell lab-tested products, and play by the rules by being compliant with local cannabis regulation.

Are cannabis delivery and mail order the same thing?

Delivery services typically offer same-day delivery and are hand-delivered directly to your door. Mail order typically refers to placing orders which are shipped days later by a private courier. There are a growing number of cannabis mail order services and monthly subscription boxes available.

How much cannabis can I order for delivery in California?

You can purchase up to 1 ounce of dry herb flower, and up to 8 grams of extracts/concentrates. If you have a valid medical cannabis recommendation or ID card, you can buy up to eight ounces flower.

Do I need a medical card to order cannabis for delivery?

While most delivery services do not require a doctor’s recommendation or medical marijuana card, you may benefit from having one. Medical card holders may be able to avoid paying additional cannabis taxes and may purchase larger quantities in a single order versus recreational cannabis purchases.

What are cannabis taxes in California?

In California, you can expect to pay up to an additional 25% in taxes. Cannabis taxes include an excise tax of 15% that both medical and recreational users have to pay as well as a local taxes around 0-12%, depending on your city. Medical cannabis purchases with proof of medical recommendation may be able to avoid some of these taxes.

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Jesse is the founder at Cannabis Vape Reviews. Having worked in the cannabis industry for several years, he helped manage one of the leading tech-based cannabis delivery services in Los Angeles and is a vaporizer enthusiast.

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