How Online Vape Sales Jump during Pandemic

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You might think that the unprecedented spread of COVID-19, as well as its anticipated lethal nature, should have been enough to halt non-essential cannabis businesses. But the facts are quite the opposite.

Even the fear of imminent death couldn’t hold people back from vaping cannabis. Maybe because a huge portion of our community relies on its therapeutic qualities to treat various physical and mental ailments —  it includes serious  disorders like chronic pain, schizophrenia, psychosis, anxiety and so on. While many others just seek to get high.

Let’s have a closer look at some factors that have led to dramatic increases in vape and cannabis sales.

Abundance of Online Vape Shops

Before COVID-19 even surfaced, the online cannabis market was already saturated with cannabis retailers, shops, and delivery services. A huge portion of the cannabis and vaping community relies on shopping online.

So, even when the world shut down and was forced to quarantine, online retailers remained unaffected and were well positioned to capture even more online sales.

Online retailers like VapeActive offer a wide collection of carefully selected vape products from renown brands. With vaporizers so widely available online, there’s no need to travel to your local brick-and-mortar, especially while quarantine has made it more challenging.

Cannabis Retailers Transition to E-Commerce

Governments have imposed a lockdown on all non-essential businesses. This included cannabis dispensaries and vape sellers as well. The decision has caused economic hardships, especially on small business retailers. These business owners rely on sales from their brick-and-mortar stores and offline sales channels.

On the other hand, the demand for cannabis and vaporizers from cannabis consumers remains unchanged. In fact, it seems that even more people are turning to cannabis while locked down at home.

Considering that, many businesses  are moving online and turning towards e-commerce shops to fulfill the demand. For retailers that only had brick-and-mortar shops, turning to e-commerce to supplement their sales has proved to be a profitable move.

In addition to online vape retailers, many are turning to cannabis delivery. While the quarantine has made some weary of traveling to their local dispensary, ordering cannabis online for delivery seems like a no-brainer.

These transformations have surprisingly increased the percentage of overall vape sales this year. Some online retailers have claimed a rise of 150-200% in sales. It might seem absurd, but COVID-19 has helped the online vape market to flourish and reach greater heights. [1]

New Cannabis Sales Strategies During Pandemic

The survival of a business depends on how well it can adapt to changing market conditions. Those who understood the significance of this adaptation have managed to survive during this pandemic. That being said, savvy online retailers have taken advantage of mass hysteria of COVID-19 as an opportunity to increase their sales.

For instance, some companies are giving away free surgical masks and hand sanitizers along with vaporizer purchases to attract customers. Companies like FOCL CBD include branded FOCL hand sanitizer with orders during the pandemic.

On the other hand, some are giving away special discounts and free home deliveries to make the most out of this global quarantine. These strategies have proven profitable for all, and companies have claimed to sell more vaporizers than usual. [2]

Lockdown Compels Customers to Shop Online

Needless to say, vaping cannabis is a way to relax and cope with anxiety during these stressful times. Experienced cannabis users turn to cannabis for calming nerves.

Without a doubt, this lockdown has triggered anxiety for a lot of people. The media has spread fear to the public, painting the picture that COVID-19 is this super-infectious and lethal virus. It’s no wonder that people are turning to cannabis. While many are bored or feeling stuck at home, vaping the good herb is simply just another pleasant way to pass the time.

Is Vaping Harmful During the COVID Outbreak?

Authorities have raised alarms to refrain from any habit that damages lungs, given the fact that COVID affects respiratory systems. Vaping cannabis, especially dry herbs, is less harmful than smoking of any sort. But as long as the virus is at large, it would be wise to keep any type of smoking or vaping to a minimum. [3]

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