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Stache RIO Dab Rig

The Stache RIO, also known as the rig-in-one, is an all-inclusive dab rig kit for vaping your cannabis concentrates. Unique to the RIO vape, it features a ...

EYCE Spark Dab Rig

The EYCE Spark glass rig is the perfect entry-level rig for dabbing and smoking flower. This small glass rig is unique in that it's fitted with a removable ...

Rokin Stinger Dab Straw

The Rokin Stinger is an electronic dab straw designed for portable, hand-held dabbing. It combines the ability to dab cannabis wax concentrates straight out ...

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Ryot One Hitter Pipe Dugout

The Magnetic Dugout One Hitter kits from Ryot are a must have smoking accessory. These dugouts are designed for convenient, easy carry and smoking on-the-go. ...

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Kannastor GR8TR Grinder

Whether you're smoking some dank, sticky buds or vaping flowers, you'll benefit big time from having a good grinder. How about having the best grinder? ...

Vessel Eclipse Dry Herb Kit

The Eclipse Kit is Vessel's first product line for smoking dry herb cannabis flowers. While the Vessel brand is known for their stylish cannabis oil ...

4/30/2022 Update
UPDATE: Option now available to build your own Eclipse Kit. Vessel Helix one-hitter pipe is now available as well.
DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer

The DaVinci MIQRO is the little brother of the IQ vaporizer. With its adjustable, compact oven and precise temperature controls, the MIQRO is the perfect ...

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Dr. Dabber Boost EVO Dab Rig

The Boost EVO is the latest premium vaporizer from Dr. Dabber. In pursuit of the perfect dab, Dr. Dabber designed the Boost EVO as a portable concentrate rig ...

Cresco Labs Live Sugar

Cresco Labs is the parent company of Cresco Cannabis which offers premium cannabis and live resin products. Their cannabis is available in several forms ...

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G Pen Connect Vape-to-Rig

The G Pen Connect is a portable vaporizer that allows you to vape concentrates through any glass rig. Its adapter fits on any glass dab rig or other ...

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Furna 2-in-1 Combo Vaporizer

The Furna vape is a hybrid vaporizer that's designed to vape both your cannabis flower and extracts, all in one device. What makes the Furna vaporizer ...

4/30/2021 Update
UPDATE: Review updated to include 15% off discount.
Dr. Dabber CBD Oil Vape Cartridges

Dr. Dabber, a major household brandname in vaping, known for their innovative vaporizers, now offers CBD oil cartridges and matching vape pens. Each ...

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  1. Hands down one of the best vape oils we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. Kurvana ASCND vapes are on point with their packaging and presentation through quality of oil in terms of flavor and potency.

  2. The CCELL Palm is one of the best compact vapes we’ve reviewed. Love the magnetic 510 connection, its tiny size, and long battery life. Highly recommended!

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