Black Friday Deals 2021

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the biggest shopping holiday of the year. The day after Thanksgiving, the world basically stops to shop for deals on computers, TVs, clothes, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

While it’s true that you can find great deals on all kinds of things, you can also find great deals on vapes and smoking accessories.

So what exactly are the best Black Friday vape deals?

Some of the deals are going on right now until the end of November.

Continue reading on to learn about the best vape deals and some handy cannabis shopping tips.

Most sites offer FREE shipping for all orders over $50.

Quick Tips for Shopping Vape Deals

How to get free shipping

Did you know that during the holiday shopping season, many online vaporizer shops offer free shipping?

Most sites offer FREE shipping for all orders over $50.

This is a super low minimum to reach in your shopping cart – especially when considering that any quality flower wax vape is going to run you close to $100 bucks.

getting free shipping
Check the retailer’s policy to qualify for free shipping.

If you’re buying a vape pen that’s under $50, be sure to check the retailer’s shopping cart minimum requirement so you can add an extra item or two to get that free shipping perk.


Did you know that many online vape retailers allow you to BUY NOW and PAY LATER?

Be on the lookout for payment plan options like SEZZLE at checkout. Some vape retailers like offer flexible payment plans. Other online shops use similar payment plan options so you can treat yourself now.

The cool thing is, these payment plans are usually interest-free.

payment plan options
Many vape retailers offer affordable payment plans.

Don’t Forget Your Discount Codes

While there’s many discounted offers in our product reviews, be sure to look out for limited-time sale discount codes that offer THE MOST savings you’ll find on the internet.

If you shop from any of the links on this page, make sure you grab the necessary discount code to apply it when you checkout.

ALSO – many retail sites offer sitewide sales and HUGE price drops with no discount code necessary. Keep an eye out for this too.

What is this page?

This page is an updated list of the best Black Friday deals we could get our hands on this year. You’ll find price drops and discounts on the biggest name brand vaporizers and smoking accessories.

We encourage you to keep this page open and refresh it regularly. We’ll be adding new deals through the end of the sale.

Start Shopping

Below you’ll find a list of deals from authorized vape retailers that we’ve worked with for years. Readers of our reviews have made thousands of satisfied purchases from these brands.

To make shopping easier for you, we’ve created this list of retailer vape deals and product recommendations (with links to product reviews for more info).

Shop by retailer or product recommendation:

Vapor – Online retailer


Discount with code at
20% off sitewide now through the end of November.

Vapor is known as one of the largest authorized retailers for vape pens, glass dab rigs, dry herb and wax vapes, papers, and more. They offer affordable payment plans interest-free. They’re currently offering huge price drops on top name brand vapes and also sitewide discounts.

Shop sales here

Puff it UP – Connoisseur vape products

Puff IT UP

20% off sitewide now through the end of November.

Large selection of vaporizers and smoking accessories for the cannabis connoisseur.

Find the best deals on vape pens, glass dab rigs, dry herb and wax vapes, papers, and more. PIU is offering HUGE price drops on many popular, name brand vapes.

Shop sales here

Dr. Dabber – Electronic rigs & wax accessories

Dr. Dabber

25% off sitewide now through the end of November.

Dr. Dabber makes innovative electronic dab rigs and vape accessories. They’re best known for industry favorites Boost EVO e-rig for wax and also the Dr. Dabber SWITCH rig for wax and flower.

They have a large selection of upgraded carb caps, glass attachments, and premium accessories for the ultimate vaping experience.

Check out their sale here

Vessel – Best vape pens and accessories

Vessel Brand
25% off select products now through the end of November.

Vessel is one of the top brands that we’ve reviewed because of their superior form and function designs. They offer luxury vape pens in various wood-grain textures and styles.

The Vessel brand recently ventured into smoking accessories with the launch of the Eclipse travel smoking kit. Vessel also offers a line of protective cases and super-slick charging docks designed specifically for their own products.

Check out their sale here

Rokin Vapes – Vape pens and dab straws

Rokin Vapes

Discount with code at
35% off sitewide from now until the end of November.

Rokin offers a tight selection of quality cannabis oil vapes and wax vape products like the all new Stinger e-Dab straw.

Check out sale here

PAX Vaporizers – Hybrid smart vapes

PAX Vapes

Discount with code at
20% off sitewide from now until the end of November.

PAX is one of the most well known vaporizers of all time. The PAX vape is a hybrid vape that’s compatible with both flower and wax. They also offer the PAX ERA pod vaporizer for cannabis oils. All PAX vaporizers pair with the PAX mobile app by Bluetooth for ultimate control of your vape experience.

Shop sales here

Best Dry Herb Vape Recommendations

DaVinci MIQRO Vape

The DaVinci MIQRO is the little brother of the IQ vaporizer. With its adjustable, compact oven and precise temperature …
15% off Check Price
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Discount with code at

AirVape Legacy

The AirVape Legacy is a stunningly attractive, hybrid vaporizer with advanced features. Using convection heating, …
Discount with code at

Dr. Dabber SWITCH e-rig Best seller

The Dr. Dabber SWITCH is a powerful, electronic dab rig designed to conveniently vape both your dry cannabis flower as …
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DaVinci IQ Dry Herb Vaporizer

For the traditional cannabis lover, it’s often hard to find a vaporizer that matches the satisfaction found with …
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Discount with code at

PAX 3 Combo Vape

The PAX 3 is the latest flagship vaporizer from PAX Labs. With this 3rd generation, the PAX vaporizer has been …
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Best Wax Vape Recommendations

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO e-rig

The Boost EVO is the latest premium vaporizer from Dr. Dabber. In pursuit of the perfect dab, Dr. Dabber designed the …
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Dr. Dabber SWITCH e-rig Best seller

The Dr. Dabber SWITCH is a powerful, electronic dab rig designed to conveniently vape both your dry cannabis flower as …
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Rokin Stinger Dab Straw

The Rokin Stinger is an electronic dab straw designed for portable, hand-held dabbing. It combines the ability to dab …
Discount with code at

Best Vapes Pens for Oils and Cartridges

Rokin Dial Vape Battery

The Rokin Dial is a portable vape battery for cannabis oils and vape cartridges. This vape features a dial for …
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Vessel Compass Best seller

The Compass, by the Vessel brand, is a luxurious palm-sized cannabis oil vaporizer. Vessel vapes are well known for …
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Rokin Mini Tank Kit Best seller

If you’re a fan of vape cartridges and vape pens, you know you can always use an extra vape battery. …
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Vessel Vapes Best seller

Many vape batteries promise great performance but deliver average results, or look cool but aren’t worth the price. …
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Best Smoking Accessories

Ryot Dugout One Hitter Best value

The Magnetic Dugout One Hitter kits from Ryot are a must have smoking accessory. These dugouts are designed for …
Discount with code at

Kannastor GR8TR Grinder Editor choice

Whether you’re smoking some dank, sticky buds or vaping flowers, you’ll benefit big time from having a good grinder. …
Discount with code at

Vessel Eclipse Dry Herb Kit

The Eclipse Kit is Vessel’s first product line for smoking dry herb cannabis flowers. While the Vessel brand is …
Available from
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